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Some random area of Stars Hollow. Lorelai and Rory are asking CuteDean to explain the concept of skeet shooting to them one more time. Every time he tries to talk, one of the girls interrupts him with some "cute" question or comment. Poor CuteDean can't even really get a word in edgewise, and it's really hard for me to believe that these two women can't get down the concept of shooting at clay pigeons. Also? Time to change Rory's pants. Since I have the same pair, I notice when she's wearing them. I think she's worn them every episode for the past month or so. Rory and Lorelai can't stop asking if the clay pigeons are in pain when they get shot, and do they bleed and does it count as hunting if maybe they accidentally shoot something that's not made of clay, or if the shattered clay parts hit an actual pigeon. CuteDean says this is something that his father did at his age and he wants to pass the tradition down. He notes that he's only gone skeet shooting once, but that he's starting never to want to do it again because of these women. Lorelai asks if you advance to clay rhinos and tigers if you're really good at shooting the pigeons. CuteDean says he made it all up and that he's never been skeet shooting. Lorelai awkwardly detaches herself from Rory and CuteDean, saying that she suddenly needs to go into the market and that she'll catch up with them later. We watch Rory and CuteDean walk back to the house as Rory asks him would it count if he accidentally shot the person who threw the clay pigeon.

Market. Lorelai grabs a loaf of bread. She pointedly keeps her head down so that it could be even slightly feasible that she just happens to run into Luke at the end of this aisle, when they totally would have seen each other in the small market the second Lorelai entered. In case you're also keeping score on the plumbing problem, they've put a camera on a snake down the toilet (which they had to remove -- the toilet, not the camera) and they can see under the house in the pipes. Apparently there's not only a piece of metal down there, there's also some roots. I'm now relieved because I know this is totally not my fault. I was worried they'd snake everything and then find a large cat toy lodged in there that my fattest cat somehow figured out how to flush. I can hear the very unhappy cats in the other room begging to be released. I know you care about all of this. And yet, I'm still recapping. To the untrained eye (i.e., anyone except the people that actually live in this apartment), it looks like I'm such a lazy woman that I surf the web while I periodically watch the same piece of television over and over again. What I do for a living looks like laziness to anybody not in my immediate circle. And even some of them? They kind of think what I do is easy and lazy. Back to the show, which isn't about me even though I make it kind of be about me all the time. Luke and Lorelai politely try to ignore each other, apologizing for having to see each other. Lorelai asks how the diner's going. Luke says it's still there. I'm surprised, since I was pretty sure it was Lorelai keeping it in business. Lorelai says she could tell that it was still there, since she hasn't lost her eyesight. Behind Luke's head are some very tasty ginger-lemon drinks. Get one if you can. I love them. Lorelai tries to talk to Luke and make up with him, but he cuts her off and says he has to get back to the store. So much for that friendship, right? Ooh, those pesky season-finale cliffhangers!

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