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Rory has gone to visit Emily and Richard in the middle of the day? Maybe after school? Oh, who knows. Rory's in her school uniform, though. Rory thanks Emily for seeing her on such short notice. Emily hugs her and says she's thrilled to see Rory on no notice. My, Emily's rather boisterous this visit. Maybe Emily's picking up a drug habit. This entire scene is acted very strangely. Emily's all happy and asking these questions like she's drunk, and Rory's all quiet and mumbly.

Emily has set the dining-room table for an English High Tea. I've never seen one before, but there's tons of food involved. Emily says that this is one of the advantages to their having an English maid. Emily adds that she also appreciates that the maid actually speaks English. You know what, Emily? It doesn't take a linguist to know that the reason you lose maids isn't because of their native tongue; it's because of your bitchy one. Rory says that Emily didn't have to do this. Emily starts explaining that this is what you should do at tea time (so I guess it's the next day, after school), but she interrupts herself to yell at the new maid for not putting doilies on the plates. The new maid, Beatrice, immediately comes out to drop doilies.

Richard enters, out of breath, to join them. He says he ran from the office because he knew whatever Rory's going to say must be important if she's asked them to get together with her like this. Where's Richard's office that he can run home? This house is in the middle of nowhere. They sit at the table on Emily's request. Emily tells Beatrice to pour the tea. Rory asks Beatrice to hold off on pouring the tea just for a few moments. Rory tells Richard and Emily that she'd like to propose an idea that they don't necessarily have to go for, but she only asks that they hear her out entirely before they say anything. She makes them promise not to get upset. Emily tells Richard that Rory's been hanging around him far too much. Richard says that he and Emily accept Rory's terms and that they'd like her to proceed. Rory tells them that Lorelai doesn't know Rory's there, and that if she did find out, she'd probably be pretty upset. Rory adds that she feels this is important enough to justify disobeying her mom. She tells them that Lorelai's been going to the business college for three years now, and she's graduating this Thursday, when there's going to be a ceremony. She says it would mean a lot to Lorelai if Emily and Richard came. "It might not seem like it would, but it's true," Rory says. Emily asks why Lorelai didn't invite them herself. Rory tells them that Lorelai thinks they wouldn't want to go. Rory says she understands, but she also knows the potential consequences. Rory tells this long story about how she once had a school pageant and she thought that Lorelai wouldn't want to go so she didn't invite her, and later at the pageant she hated being there because it meant nothing without Lorelai being there. The only problem with this little story is that Lorelai wouldn't have missed a kindergarten pageant in a million years, particularly one where Rory was playing a broccoli and tapdancing. Rory says that she doesn't want to upset them or make them uncomfortable, and that she only wants them to go under the right circumstances. She hands them the tickets and tells them it's Thursday night at 7:30, and that it'll be inside, so weather isn't an issue. I love that they are trying to make us believe there are tickets to the indoor graduation ceremony for a business community college. On a Thursday. Rory tells Emily and Richard that it's up to them if they want to use the tickets, but that she'd really like it if they didn't mention anything to Lorelai about this conversation. These scenes are so long! She thanks them for their time and patience. She says she believes she has time for a scone before her bus leaves. For home? What bus? Ugh. Emily and Richard share a look. Emily calls to Beatrice for the tea. Rory then calls Emily by her first name, and then she calls Richard by his first name! Never. That would never happen. Ever.

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