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Rhapsody in Blue

The B-52's are playing, giving me a great shout-out, since I'm going to see them perform in exactly one month. Yay! Hi! I'm Pamie, and I am an Aries. I love Radiohead and Hello Kitty merchandise! Anyway, Lorelai's getting drunk on "marga-ma-ritas," as my friend with whom I'm seeing the B-52's is fond of saying. "52 Girls" plays as Lorelai celebrates the end of her finals. So, it's Tuesday? Wednesday? Lorelai moans that she had so much pressure on her last week, it felt like a giant man and his brother were sitting on her chest. Rory -- whose own studies are now being sacrificed due to Kate Pierson and Rory's boozy mother -- listens and sympathizes patiently. Lorelai named the men on her chest "Clem" and "Clem." Then there's this thing about how many mothers Clem and Clem had even though they were brothers. Just forget it. It'll make your life easier. And mine just got easier as well. The plumbers have left. We're sort of not supposed to use the downstairs bathroom very much now. I'm not really sure how that's a solved problem, either. Lorelai celebrates needing more booze. Rory's flipping through a "life plan" book that the community college gave Lorelai upon graduating. Rory reads one of the questions aloud; asking Lorelai how she figures children will fit into her future plans. Lorelai says that kids aren't getting in her way. She's knocking them out and giving them to a nanny to take care of. Rory asks what's going to happen to her. Lorelai says that Rory is her favorite eldest child and will accompany her through life. Rory says she feels privileged. The phone rings, and Rory answers. It's Jess, just saying "Hey" from a pay phone. Is he homeless? A pay phone in New York in the middle of the night? Rory stammers a bit and then tells Lorelai she's going to take the phone call in her room because the music's too loud. But Rory, the song's almost over!

Rory closes her bedroom door and says hello. Jess tells her that she's already said that. Rory says he's right and apologizes. They make small talk as "Dance This Mess Around" starts up faintly in the background. I love that they're just letting the album play on back there. Jess tells Rory that he's mostly just hanging out in a park these days, which sounds to me like he's a homeless hustler. ["Pulling down a cool $11 a day for his 'talents,' no doubt." -- Wing Chun] Jess says that Washington Square Park is really cool, though, and that it's totally where you want to hang out. It's where David Lee Roth got busted. Rory says she hopes David's gotten things back together by now. Jess says it sounds like there's a party going on at Rory's house. The very quiet strains of B-52's through a closed door and he thinks there's a party? Rory says there's no party. Jess says he has to go, since this is long distance. Um, aren't you using a calling card or something? Rory reminds us that this is long distance. Jess says he'll see her. "Yeah, see ya," Rory says. They hang up without saying "goodbye." Rory lies down in her bed and I finally get a commercial break. Finally. Finally!

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