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Rhapsody in Blue

Bus station. Rory, still in her uniform, exits the bus. It's dark and noisy so we know we're in "New York." Then there's this giant sign that reads "Port Authority Bus Terminal" as three people walk by so we know that Rory's in "New York." Rory tries to get directions from the clean-cut, nicely tanned "New Yorkers," but you know how those pesky New York people just hate helping a tourist. They just elbow and shoulder right by the poor little lost girl standing in "New York." Rory wants to know how to get to Washington Square Park. I love how "New York" makes Rory so dumb that she can't find a map or figure anything out in advance anymore. There's this kid behind her pulling a cigarette out of his cigarette holder. He's got greased-back hair and he wears sunglasses. "End of Fifth," one woman says over her shoulder to Rory. Rory thanks her. She tries to ask another tall man who walks while reading a book where she can find Fifth.

Luckily there's only one park bench in all of Washington Square Park, and on that bench you'll find a very clean Jess reading a book. You won't find any homeless people, either. This is "New New York," where apparently everyone wears shirts in a shade of blue. There is a sign behind Jess's shoulder that reads "Washington Square Park" in case there was any confusion. The strummy-strummy-la-la music starts up as Rory walks right over to Jess, even though his back is turned and his head is down. She knows that smarmy slump anywhere. "Hi," she says. Jess isn't even slightly surprised. He says hello. They make small talk to the effect that they're both doing well. He asks if she's hungry. "Starved," she says. He says he knows a place. They leave the 5x5 confines of the brilliantly manicured lawn known as Washington Square Park. When you go to visit, don't forget your blue shirt. It appears to be some kind of law.

Rory and Jess walk through "New York." You can tell because the streets are mostly empty except for the one cab. I think they even have smoke coming up from the manholes. Rory says she's feeling very urban today. Jess makes fun of her plaid. Rory brags that she's been to Manhattan before. She saw The Bangles there. Yeah, that was a night of a thousand laughs. Rory says the show was great, but I remember that Rory saw not one minute of that concert, so I don't know why she's not bragging that she was slumming at a crack house instead. What's with the calliope music in the background? More extras in blue shirts pass as Rory talks about the time they were yelled at in several different languages because Lorelai was driving poorly in Manhattan. Those crazy Manhattan drivers, with how they like to drive everywhere. Jess teases Rory for calling it "The Big Apple" as some guy in a blue ski cap carefully lowers a bag of trash near a cardboard box. Seriously, everyone's wearing a shade of blue. Even the cars are blue. The windowsills are painted blue. Rory's cast is blue. What's the deal? Rory brags about the time she gave a withering stare to a guy who cut her off. Jess says he'd love to see Rory's withering stare, but she suddenly gets all shy about it. She says it's dangerous and she could hurt him with it. Jess says he's disappointed. He asks how her arm's doing. She says it looks worse than it is. Jess compliments Rory's Emily sticker and they do a tiny Emily commercial. There's a blue light shining on Rory and you can see that her hair looks blue in the light. Suddenly there's a woman in a red shirt with red hair walking behind them. It's very distracting.

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