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Michel gives Goonies a shout-out with his whine, "I hate nature." Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel have found Jackson with his zucchini. You'd think Jackson, with his produce company, would have something a little bit bigger than a back yard patch of garden, but you'd be wrong because Stars Hollow is a magical place that requires no logic. All four of them huddle around the zucchini, freaking out at how stressed they are and how crazy everybody's being. Lorelai says she feels like it's crazy to sleep with the zucchini. She apologizes for freaking out about dumb things like zucchini, forcing Jackson to sleep with them. She says that this whole inn experience is flying by because they're too stressed out. Michel says it's nice and warm down there. Lorelai says that they all have to drop one big thing off their list, and everybody else gets to choose what item gets dropped. Sookie tells Lorelai she has to drop the pillows. Lorelai tells Sookie to drop two desserts off the menu, and Michel only to ask for four references from job applicants. They lie back on the blanket, looking at the stars. They talk about how nice it is to look at the stars, and make a rule that they have to look more often. Michel says again that he's very comfortable. Do you think Michel has a cat? The four of them cuddle up on the ground and quickly fall asleep.

Luke and Jess come back to the diner. Jess pouts into a chair. Luke hums: "Tonight I got into a fight at a strip club with my nephew. A fight. I haven't been in a fight since the sixth grade. Dennis Williams called me a doodyhead. I took it very personally." He says that tonight he achieved a great sense of calm. He realized that Jess is who he is. Nothing's going to change that, so Luke's going to stop trying: "Wish I'd felt this earlier." He apologizes for dragging Jess down for the wedding. "If you really hate your mother that much, then you shouldn't be here." Jess says he doesn't hate his mom. Luke asks if it's because of him that Jess wasn't going to come. Jess admits that he came there because it was important to Luke. He didn't want to come because of Rory, because he told her that he loved her and then drove away. Jess says she could have contacted him in the past three months, but didn't. Luke says that Jess changes his phone number weekly. He tells Jess he did this completely wrong, cutting off the open two-way communication. Luke then quotes his self-help tape verbatim, saying that expressions of intimacy should be given freely and often. Jess asks where he's getting all this crap from. Luke says he learned all of this through life: "I've lived." Jess: "Where? In a Bette Midler movie?" Luke says he's better now. Jess says they're just a couple of losers. Luke says that things change: "Stay tuned." He asks Jess if he really told Rory he loves her. "Huh," he says, and walks away.

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