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Who Wrote the Book of Love?

Morning. Lorelai, Sookie, Jackson, and Michel wake up, hay in their hair. They roll over and wonder if the zucchini's going to expect them to call tomorrow. Should they leave a note for zucchini? And the funny thing is, now that they've slept with the zucchini, they've kind of lost respect for it, just a little. They all admit they haven't slept that well in a while.

Luke shows up somewhere, I guess at Jackson's, where Lorelai is headed back to her Jeep. Lorelai tells Luke she slept in the zucchini patch last night. Luke asks Lorelai to be his date for Liz's wedding. Lorelai agrees to go with him. Luke says he'll meet her at her house and they'll walk over together. He tells her she doesn't have to wear a fruity outfit. "Oh, I'm gonna be a little fruity," Lorelai says. Luke laughs and leaves. Lorelai gets in her Jeep and drives off.

Luke finds Jess watching baseball. Luke's all smiles. Jess asks what's up with him. Luke hands Jess his self-help tapes, workbook, and boombox and says he's done with them. "Enjoy," he says, and leaves. Jess starts to learn about love as we fade to black.

Next week: Rory must decide between Jess and Dean, and things with Luke and Lorelai may be heating up. Whoa. I totally wrote that exact sentence two years ago.

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