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Luke's opening the diner as it's still just a bit dark outside. He discovers Lorelai on his front steps. He asks her what she's doing. She says she needs coffee. Luke says it's 5 in the morning. That's exactly when coffee is for, Luke. Gah. Lorelai says she already drank all of the coffee in her house, and then babbles as Luke drags her crazy ass into his diner.

Luke pulls down a chair for Lorelai as she whines that she can't turn off her mind. She keeps making lists. Luke suggests that she drink a little less coffee. She says that if she stopped drinking the coffee, she'd stop doing the standing and the walking and the "words putting into sentence doing." Luke goes to make her coffee. Lorelai tells him that in her mind, she's hugging him right now: "And also I'm telling the plumbers that there's no water pressure in rooms 10, 12, and 15." Luke looks at her and says he's making her some oatmeal. Lorelai makes the face we all make when someone tells us we have to eat oatmeal. ["Boo! Oatmeal is delicious! It's a vehicle for brown sugar!" -- Wing Chun] Lorelai goes on about how stressed she is, and how she can't remember what she's doing from one moment to the next. Lorelai's sure all these things won't get done, and then the inn won't open and she'll go broke. She asks Luke how he runs his place -- how he handles the stress. Luke says that other than this moment, it's not usually such a stressful place to be. Lorelai then wants Luke to take a tour of the inn. Luke says he'll just wait until the public auction after the place has been repossessed. Lorelai asks him how he can be so mean to her when she's only lined one of her eyes. Heh. So this has a little bit to do with Luke, so I'll share. Breakfast? Totally brilliant. I never ate breakfast, ever. This year I started eating breakfast. I don't know how I used to go without it. Seriously. I'm recapping with a cup of coffee, half a grapefruit, and an english muffin. Luke would be so proud. And so would Lorelai, what with the coffee-to-food ratio being about 300:1. Luke tells Lorelai that he'll take a tour of the Dragonfly if she eats the oatmeal. Lorelai agrees, but warns him that she'll be making a face the entire time. "Looking forward to it," Luke says. Kirk enters. He's outraged that Lorelai is sitting where he wanted to sit. "Seriously?" Lorelai asks. Kirk says he got there that early just so that he could sit there. "Every single other table in here is empty," Lorelai says. "Except the one I want," Kirk pouts. Didn't these two have exactly the same conversation, but the opposite, just a few years ago? Lorelai gets up. Kirk explains that on days when his girlfriend is working, he has very little in life. Getting that table gives him just a bit of control in a world where he has none. Lorelai tells him that she's already moved. "Oh. Well, thanks," Kirk says. Then he realizes that the light where Lorelai has moved is excellent. Lorelai flops her head to the table.

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