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Punch it Out

Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai is ranting her way through Doose's, complaining to Christopher about having to spend hours picking out party invitations. She contemplates suicide over the whole debacle, especially when Christopher denies her the sweet, soothing peanut buttery chemicals of Cap'n Crunch. She says that the nine days of planning she has left to do with Randall and Emily are nine more days than she can take. Tomorrow, she has to go to a food and wine tasting. "Well," says Christopher, "at least you get to drink your way through it." Lorelai says that fancy people spit out the wine at tastings: "But not me. I'm gonna drink them under the ballroom." Christopher says that he will be happy to meet her at the tasting so that she won't have to tough it out on her own. She is thrilled, and promises him that if he shows up, she will never eat Cap'n Crunch again, a promise she immediately retracts. "Together," she smiles, "we can defeat them!" Her happiness is deflated when, as they are about to check out, Lorelai notices that Taylor's niece Bonnie is working the register today: "She couldn't be slower or care less about the job." Christopher says he thought life in a small town was supposed to be leisurely. Lorelai: "There's leisurely, and then there's Bonnie." Like a prince, Chris offers to stand in the line while Lorelai waits outside. How does this woman get these men to do everything she wants? Is it her hair? Is it her eyes? TELL ME. Because I am about as spoiled as they come, but my husband would make me stand in the Bonnie line, for sure.

Freed from Doose's, Lorelai steps onto the sidewalk just as Luke comes by with the baby in the stroller. I guess he just keeps a stroller around for whatever reason? They have a totally weird, not-awkward, chemistry-free conversation like two people who used to know each other from the office, or something. Lorelai asks if she can hold the baby, and picks up the child, who is wearing a snowsuit fit for a three-month-old, and holds her like a toddler. Luke and Lorelai both smile at the baby, and Lorelai coos and makes jokes about her long fingers: "You might be a pickpocketing pianist." Though Luke is also smiling, he isn't really smiling at Lorelai, or anything. I see absolutely nothing between them. No poignant, unspoken tension about "what could have been" or anything like that -- though when Chris steps out moments later with the groceries, he acts like he caught them making out. Lorelai practically slings Doula back in the pram, and she and Christopher head for home without even so much as a backward glace from Luke. So, basically, that was meaningless, and though I enjoy looking at Lorelai and Luke on screen at the same time, if they are not even going to have any unresolved feelings or whatever...why do they even bother having Luke on the show anymore at all? To torture me with his stubble and flannel? It's working.

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