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Luke and Lorelai jog out into the square, shooing the remaining bikers from the gazebo. Luke is still kind of eye-rolly. "Which one of us is not getting into the romantic spirit?" Lorelai asks. Luke: "The one with the case of chick beer under his arm." Finally, they are as alone as one can truly be in this town, and raise their chick beers in a toast under the twinkly lights. "To us," they say, clinking bottles...just they are plunged into darkness, as Taylor announces that the light guys "go on golden time in five minutes." They yell him into submission, and he turns them back on, just in time for, finally, a celebratory kiss.

Was anyone else kind of bored and let down by all of that? Rushing off to Taylor's? Still kind of crying about Rory? I'm not asking for big romance, I'm just asking for SOME.

Ah, post-commercial, post-coital bliss at Luke's apartment. Lorelai comments that the bed suddenly feels even more comfortable than before, and that they should drink Zima and have sex every night. Luke readily agrees. He fidgets around a bit while she tries to sleep. He probably just doesn't want to lie down for fear of messing up his wig. Why the wig, people? Why? If a man is as smoking as Luke, women do not care about his thinning hair. As a matter of fact, in some inexplicable way, it adds to his appeal. It bothers me that it's kind of a Backstreet Boy wig, too, with the fratty side-pieces. Frankly, I do not want it that way. Luke starts babbling that when Lorelai was musing on whether to take the travel job she had been offered, he had blurted out "what about the kids?" He's saying now that, you know, he didn't necessarily mean kids plural. They could just have one. Or maybe just a plant. He also mentions, casually, that he bought the Twickham House for Lorelai, though he doesn't have it anymore, but could probably get it back. "I bought it for the kids," Luke says, "that we don't have to have. It's a big house, don't have to fill it with kids...we could get furniture." Of course, he adds, he hates shopping for furniture; he thinks kids are easier. You and me both, my friend. Lorelai slurs that she loves shopping. Luke tells her to go to sleep, but then continues talking to ask her, "Is this really happening?" Lorelai confirms that it is, and Luke finally relaxes and lies down to sleep. They lie there in unprecedented silence for all of two seconds before Lorelai rouses: "You bought a house without telling me?" She proceeds to give Luke a drunky, sleepy lecture about how buying a house is huge, and that he should not do it again without telling her. He says he won't, and they finally settle down to sleep, again. Before dropping off, Lorelai smiles. "Kids would be good," she says, and Luke grins from ear to ear.

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