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There's a New Boy in Town

Luke's room. He walks over to Jess and dumps out the gum, the patch, Chinese herbs, self-help tapes, and other things to help Jess quit smoking, including pictures of diseased lungs for the fridge. Luke tells Jess that he will get up, go to school, get home, and work at the diner until closing, do his homework and then go to bed. Ooh, having Jess at the diner all night is going to make Rory have to see him often. Luke says that weekends are for chores and selected activities. "You will not steal," he says. He says that Jess will have to pay Taylor back the money. He hands Pierpont over to Jess and tells him to return the gnome to Babette with an apology. He says he's not letting Jess fall off the face of the Earth, and this is the end of the discussion. Jess stands up and walks to the door. Luke asks where he's going. "Out," Jess says before he slams the door. "Well, at least I asked," Luke says.

Jess finds Rory in the street. She just bought a folder for her Max interview. They walk together. She says it was quite a disappearing act he pulled the other night. "Too cool for school, huh?" she asks. "Yes, that is me," Jess says. She asks what he's doing. He shows her a quarter and makes it disappear. She tells him that if he ever wants to talk to her again, he won't pull that out of her ear or any other orifice. I love this show. He asks what she's doing now. She's off to do homework. He hands her a copy of Howl. She says she was going to loan him her copy. He says it is her copy. He borrowed it. She says that it's not borrowing; it's a felony. He says he made some notes in the margins. He'd better be kidding. He's not. Now I hate him. You don't steal someone's favorite book and write all over it to prove that you're some kind of smarty pants. For some reason, Rory's all interested and thinks Danger Boy's keen because he's read some Ginsberg. Whatever. I'd be yelling, demanding a new copy. ["I might have been impressed if he were conversant with a Brontë -- I don't even care which." -- Wing Chun] She calls him "Dodger." He asks what that's about. She tells him to figure it out. It's not hard to know she's talking about the Artful Dodger, and he calls out "Oliver Twist." She's pleased and walks off. Dammit. CuteDean! Hurry!

Next week Rory has a debutante ball and I think Lorelai's got two escorts.

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