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There's a New Boy in Town

Chilton. As Rory starts to walk into a classroom, she stops. Paris is standing there. They face off for a second until Paris whips into the classroom. Fraulein and Louisa both give Rory a look and walk inside. Fraulein seems to have forgotten she wanted to be friends with Rory again. Rory stands in the hallway alone and says, "Okay, round two." Heh. She walks into the classroom.

Paris is picking up syllabi from a table as Rory walks over and asks for five seconds. Paris gives her four. Rory thanks her and Paris says it's now three. Rory says that it doesn't have to be like this. Rory says that the two of them are going to have to spend a lot of time together this year because they're both working on The Franklin, the school newspaper. Paris says that she can avoid Rory. Rory says she doesn't want to be friends, but that they should look at this like life. In life, there will be people that you don't like but with whom you still have to co-exist. She suggests that they simply co-exist. Paris says that Rory's scared that Paris will make her life a living hell because she's the editor and Rory is the opposite of the editor, in that she's not the editor. Rory says that if Paris wants to spend the "precious energy" that she would normally put into the paper hating on Rory instead, then she's welcome to it, but that she's only suggesting an alternate plan. Paris offers to agree that the paper could be really good this year and then just let the evil slide a little. "Everything okay?" Louisa asks here. I really hate Louisa. She's the perfect blonde bitch popular rich girl and I think the girl playing her is wonderful because I hate her every time she speaks. Paris says they were just talking about the paper. Fraulein says it seems weird. Paris says they're all going to be spending lots of time together, nights and weekends, and they might as well try and co-exist. Louisa starts objecting to the word "weekends." Paris says the first meeting for the paper is today at four. Rory says that sounds good and walks away. Paris sits down at her desk. Louisa says that she can't meet on weekends. She holds her hands out and says, "All of this gets done on weekends." I wasn't looking at the screen at first when she said it, and it looked like she was telling Paris she can only get laid on weekends. The guy sitting in Philllipppe's seat is so not Philllipppe. I miss him. Dawson's Creek, get your damn hands off our Tristan.

Luke waits for the bus that brings in all outsiders. Stars Hollow just added a black man, a lost young girl, and a frightened elderly man before adding Jess, Luke's nephew. Jess is supposed to be a bad-boy rebel, so of course they've got his clothes all wrong. He's wearing a blue vest that always reminds me of Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox was wearing one in orange and everyone in the '50s teased him that he thought he was going to drown. He's got on a camouflage top. Luke and Jess stare at each other for a while as two middle-aged white men leave Stars Hollow via the bus. Poor Lorelai will never find a man at that exchange rate. Luke stammers and eventually walks off. Jess follows, looking around his new town.

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