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There's a New Boy in Town

Paris walks over to Rory and congratulates her. She says she must be very proud of herself. Rory admits she's not hiding whenever she passes a mirror. Paris says that she wants the best writers writing the best pieces, so she's going to give Rory their best story: front page, over the fold. Rory asks what the catch is. Paris says there isn't one. They have to get an interview from the teacher rated most popular by Chilton students. They want a great interview, so she's giving it to Rory. ["'It's Max,' I said. 'Have you watched TV before?' Glark asked." -- Wing Chun] Rory accepts, and of course the interview is with Mustang Max. Rory starts to protest, and Paris asks whether there's a problem. She says that Rory should be able to get a great interview, since Max is seeing Rory's mother. She asks whether Rory's mother is still seeing Max, and Rory says that her mother's personal life isn't up for discussion. "Oh. That sounds bad," Paris smiles. Rory says it's not bad, but that it's none of Paris's business. Rory says she'll do the interview, and Paris tells Rory to ask deeper questions than what Max's favorite color is. I love Paris.

Sookie's in the kitchen, wondering if she should make grilled cheese in addition to the pot roast, in case Jess doesn't like pot roast. Jackson says there are also chicken wings, mashed potatoes, and four different kinds of salad. Sookie pouts that it's probably enough food. Jackson goes to slice the cheese. Lorelai walks in and compliments all of the food. She opens Rory's door and asks whether Rory's joining them. Rory's at her iBook, and says she'll be ready in a second. Lorelai asks if Rory's crabby. Rory says she's concentrating. "Okay, don't concentrate too hard," Lorelai says. "Boys like 'em dumb. Right, Jackson?" Heh. "If you can navigate yourself around a tree," Jackson says, "keep on walking." Lorelai goes to get the door as Sookie panics that Jess might not like dairy.

Lorelai tells Luke that they just saved Sookie from making even more food. Luke apologizes for being late and says that he and Jess had a misunderstanding about what time they were supposed to leave. Jess cases Lorelai's house and checks out pictures of Rory as Luke tells Lorelai that the bed popped. "Yikes," Lorelai says. She asks whether anyone was in it. Luke was, since he'd let Jess take the bed. Lorelai says that was nice of Luke. They find Jess in the living room and ask him into the kitchen. Jess silently follows.

Lorelai tries to introduce Jess to Sookie and Jackson, but they immediately dork out. Sookie asks whether Jess eats cheese and Jackson starts going on about how this is the best lemon he's ever grown and he wants everyone to try his perfect lemon. Lorelai explains that Jackson grows fruit and then scares people with it. Lorelai tells Rory that company has arrived and Jess sees Rory for the first time. He walks into her bedroom. She says it's nice to meet him. Jess looks over Rory's bookshelf and says, "Wow. Aren't we hooked on phonics?" Rory says she reads a lot. She asks whether he reads. He says he doesn't read that much, and pulls Rory's copy of Howl from the shelf. She offers to loan it to him if he'd like. He shakes his head and turns it down, putting it back on the shelf. Lorelai sticks her head in and says they need to get Jackson away from his lemon so they're moving everything into the living room. Rory tells her that they'll be right there. Jess moves the curtain from Rory's window and asks how it opens. She tells him and he opens it. He asks her to come along. Rory says she's not leaving because there's nothing to do in Stars Hollow on a Tuesday night and Sookie has made lots of food and even though he doesn't know it yet, Jess is going to have a good time. She tells him to trust her. Jess says he doesn't know Rory, so why should he trust her? "Don't I look trustworthy?" Rory asks. "Maybe," he answers. "Okay, good. Let's eat," Rory says, and walks off. Jess stares for a second to fall in love with her and then follows. Rory offers him a soda. He says he'll get it. She leaves the kitchen. Jess opens the fridge and grabs a beer.

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