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After she and Lorelai gain admission despite Lorelai's lame intro to the maid, Rory whispers that said maid is "acting weird." Lorelai thinks it's because she knows Lorelai was wearing the same outfit last week. Rory points out that this particular maid wasn't there last week. Lorelai says that maids talk. Rory says, "With all that's going on in the world, all the maids in existence are talking about you." Well, the only reason I'm talking about this is because I'm getting paid to. The maid catches up to them in the living room and takes their drink orders, but Lorelai hesitates, wondering if they should wait for Emily. The maid breaks Emily's not coming down. Lorelai stresses about her outfit some more, because I just can't get enough of that. The maid reveals that Emily's at a charity dinner and Richard's out of town until Tuesday. Both parents blew off Friday dinner without a word of explanation? They really are losing it. The maid offers to make the younger Gilmores some dinner. Rory considers going back to school and working, but Lorelai has another idea: "Staying here, ordering pizza, and eating dinner on the living room floor on paper plates." The maid dashes off to get a phone book, because this strikes her as a fun way to get her ass fired. Rory and Lorelai kick off their shoes and discuss options for mischief. "Would gluing everything in this room to the ceiling so that it's in the same place but upside down be going to far?" Rory thinks it would, but doesn't think to suggest using a staple gun instead. Lorelai brings the room down a bit by breaking the news that Sherry left Christopher. Rory's surprised, especially when she hears about Gigi being ditched as well. She asks Lorelai how she knows all this, and her mom blithely tells her the whole story about going to Chris's house to help him when he called, almost completely missing Rory's expression of disapproval. She does eventually pick up on it though, explaining, "Your dad's going to need some help being a dad...'cause, he's your dad." Before Rory can figure out how to explain what's bothering her, the maid returns with the phone book and Lorelai flips it right open to "S" for strummy-strummy-la-la.

Is it still the Yale Daily News when it's this late at night? Rory is in the office almost all alone, poring through the archives. Riveting! She spots an old photo of the "secret society" with a caption that includes the name Elias Huntzberger. Rory swings into action. She writes "Elias Huntzberger" on a Post-It. Did you know Post-Its were invented and manufactured by the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, a.k.a. 3M, whose corporate headquarters are just a few miles east of my house on I-94? I only share that because it's more interesting than Rory's current project.

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