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At the Dragonfly, Lorelai is giving an overview of a local hike to a gay man and his beard when her cell phone rings. She rudely hands the couple off to Michel so that she can take the call. It's Luke, and although we can't hear his end of the conversation, he's obviously upset about something. Lorelai promises that she's on her way, although she really isn't until she rings off and waves goodbye to Michel, who is continuing the description of the hike as imagined by Tim Burton.

Hey, it's Hot Dog God! No, wait, it's just Kirk, dressed up as Hot Dog God. Or maybe just as a Hot Dog. He's working the sidewalk in front of Luke's, handing out flyers and loudly pitching lunch at the Dragonfly. He's a barker in a Hot Dog costume. There's a joke there somewhere but if the show couldn't bother to make it I'm not going to do its work for it. Luke is standing on his diner's step, trying to get rid of Kirk and looking just about on the verge of violence. Lorelai dashes up, wondering what the hell Kirk is up to. "I'm trying to scrounge up a lunch crowd for you, so I figured I'd go where everybody already has lunch and send them over to you." Lorelai wants to know who asked Kirk to do this, and then the penny drops. She leads him away, apologizing to Luke, who apparently thinks Kirk is her pet or something. ["Well, to be fair, if he's stumping for the Dragonfly, he's sort of Lorelai's employee." -- Wing Chun] "Why a hot dog?" she asks him. "The Dragonfly doesn't serve hot dogs." Kirk claims that the quiche made him look fat. Boy, I hear that. The pleated quiche costumes are the worst.

Commercials. Bono counts off in Spanish: "11! 2! 3! 14!"

Rory catches up with Logan at Yale and asks if he wants to respond to her boring article about the boring super-secret, running-around-in-a-circle-in-your-underwear club that she figures he's in, because his grandfather was in it. It's worth mentioning that Logan doesn't deny being in the club; he just says he's yet to run around in a circle in his underwear. Rory says it would have been nice to get his cooperation the easy way, but that since he's going to make it difficult, she'll just track him to the club. Because he's going to find her so scary that he'll immediately give in and give her what she wants, right? Wrong. "I pick that way," Logan says. Rory looks embarrassed at having her bluff so thoroughly called, and Logan strolls off. God, what is it with Rory and guys who make her feel like an idiot? And why are we supposed to think that makes those guys special? How many of them have there been now, anyway? Three? Four? Million?

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