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Commercials. All these horror movies keep coming out that are remakes of Japanese films. The Ring, The Grudge -- although Shall We Dance? wasn't a horror movie in Japan.

Norman Mailer is still holding forth at the Dragonfly. Having been asked about his position in American literature as he sees it, he rambles on about how "there are twenty of us around...twenty American writers right now -- I could name them, but I won't -- who think they're the best living American writer...On the other hand, I don't want to be friends with some of those guys because they're bastards." Fair enough, but if you count the Canadians there are actually almost thirty of us. Sookie breezes out of the kitchen to try to push a little food on them, acting way too chipper and excited and going so far as to make up "stump the chef" on the spot. The interviewer finally relents and orders some food: lemon for the iced tea. "One plate of lemon, coming up," Sookie says, crushed. "If you change your mind, I'll be in the kitchen. You know, with the food."

Rory's in her dorm room gushing over the phone to Dean about the progress she's making on her story about illegal music downloading. It's exciting out there on the bleeding edge, isn't it, Rory? Dean, by the way, is spending his one scene in the episode wearing a dopey cowboy hat and a Doose's Market apron, talking on his cell phone at work without another regular or even semi-regular cast member in sight. Paris comes in behind Rory on her own phone, chattering away on her way through the room: "Monsignor, why is asking you to keep your cell on vibrate during mass in case I need to fact-check a quote outrageous? Rabbi Feldman's doing it for me on Shabbas and he's flying against the Talmud there." I don't watch this show every week, but I'm beginning to get the impression that we're supposed to think that this Paris person is a little on the high-strung side. Rory promises Dean a rough draft of her story in time for their date tomorrow night, but he breaks the news that he has to work tomorrow night. It seems Taylor's installed an Icee machine to attract the twenty-four-hour trucker crowd off Highway 84. I wish I had an Icee. Anyway, it looks like what with one thing and another, Dean and Rory are not going to have a chance to see each other until the week after next. Neither of them seems too broken up over it. (Oops, was that foreshadowing?) Of course Dean's marriage never had a chance in the face of his and Rory's towering passion for one another. "I gotta go," says Dean. "You have to stir the nacho cheese every twenty minutes or it forms kind of a rock." "Go stir your cheese," Rory tells him. Oh, the romance!

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