Gilmore Girls
One's Got Class And The Other One Dyes

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Hate Your Life? Try Bad Wigs.

Lane's hair is black again, and she says it's been a pretty busy day. She says the hair was too big a statement right off the bat. Both girls have changed clothes, by the way. Totally different clothes from twenty minutes ago. Rory says that, technically, Lane's got dyed hair. Jess and Probawhore walk past. "That girl's a freak," Probawhore sneers to Jess, who looks at Rory silently. Lorelai walks up at this point and hugs the "people who like [her]." Lorelai asks Lane if her hair is blacker. Rory wishes Lorelai hadn't said anything, and tells Lane to avoid direct sunlight. Lane shows Lorelai the Polaroid of herself with purple hair. She asks Lorelai to keep the picture for her. Lane runs off, reminding Rory that they didn't fix this week's subplot: she still has no idea what she's going to do about the band. Lorelai tells Rory that Lane can't quit the band, since she's counting on Lane to introduce her to Bono. Rory is standing in front of Taylor's sign with the ultra-specific directions on how to wait for the crosswalk signal. Lorelai asks if they can go to Al's Pancake World for a change. You know, since Luke just did her a favor. Jeez. Anyway, Lorelai tells Rory that she had to talk about her pregnancy at dinner. As she's recapping, they fade to black, and the episode ends.

Next week, Lorelai's got a date.

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Gilmore Girls




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