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Lane is filling Rory in on the horror show that was filling out college applications. Apparently, she filled out twenty-three applications to some of the strictest, most religious schools in the world, including Seventh-Day Adventist schools that don't allow dancing, gum-chewing, or bowling; a Nixon-heavy Quaker school; and one Amish school in Nicaragua. "A big shout-out to MamaKim on that one!" Lane says. Hey! I think that's actually a big shout-out to me! They've always called her Mrs. Kim, or Mama, but never MamaKim. Daniel Palladino, are you reading my recaps? If so, I hope this doesn't affect my future television-writing career. Um, I really do love this show, and I think all of your other writers are absolutely top-notch. Uh, I've got a stack of spec scripts and representation if you're interested. Anyway, thanks for the shout-out. Sorry I never seem to score your episodes higher than a C+. Thanks for killing-off Bootsy. Death to the Troubadour. Lane tells Rory that she doesn't have much time anymore. She can't risk her band finding a different girl drummer. She says she's spent her entire life compromising and being a good girl and never doing what she wants. She's tired of being good and compromising, or feeling guilty whenever she does something she wants to do. She even lost her first boyfriend out of this. Rory -- who hasn't exactly been a very good best friend over the past two years -- doesn't even remember Henry, even though she's the reason they had to break up when she screwed up Operation Henry. Rory asks Lane what she's going to do about all of this.

Lane storms into the nearby beauty supply shop. She's going to dye her hair. That's how she'll solve all of this -- by passive-aggressively changing her hair color into something inappropriate instead of just asking her mom if she can play drums in the building next door, something that would look good on her college applications and make her look more well-rounded. She picks up a bottle of Jet Black and tells Rory she's going to make a big statement. "This is me! This is Lane Kim!" Rory points out that since it's black, it is already, technically, her. "This is merely a prop until we find my true color," Lane corrects herself. Lane wonders if pink is now too Pink and Kelly Osbourne and Gwen Stefani: "Man, there's a lot of cheese associated with this color." She asks Rory how she feels about blue. Rory pouts, sighs, and says she thinks that blue won't look good with Lane's skin tone and that she should go for purple. Rory tells Lane not to forget the bleach as she pouts over to the cashier.

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