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At the coffee shop near Lorelai's business class, she runs into Max. They stammer a bit and she sits down. She says that Parents Day is fun. They laugh. She tells Max about Rory asking to bring him skating and how it freaked her out a bit having Rory refer to someone in her life by their first name. Before, it was always a nickname like the "Mustache Guy" or the "Earring Guy" or the "Peg Leg Guy." Max asks if Lorelai has a thing for pirates. Lorelai says that Rory must like him. She says that made her panic. She realizes that if they broke up Rory'd be crushed. She apologizes for freaking out. "I'm not very good at this," she says. "Ask Skippy." Lorelai apologizes again. Max says that he was called into the headmaster's office today. He was told that he was jeopardizing his career and his future at Chilton. He said at first he was outraged, and then it made sense. He says that what happened between them at Parents Day was completely unprofessional, and he'd never have considered doing something like that before. He says he should have been fired for it. Lorelai apologizes again. Max says he didn't think this was going to be so complicated. Lorelai says it's not his fault. Max says he doesn't know what to do anymore. He says he's never been in a relationship like this before and he's not thinking straight. They agree that it was a great kiss. Max says that they might need to take some time away from each other so they can figure out how to do this so it's not so hard. Lorelai says that he's right and that they should. "I really, really like you, Max Medina," she says. He says he really, really likes her too. They say goodbye, and Max leaves the coffee shop.

Rory walks into the house at night and calls for Lorelai. She can't find her. She walks up the stairs and into Lorelai's bedroom. She finds Lorelai on her bed, crying. Rory gets on the bed and pets her mom. She puts her arm around her and holds her as she cries. Fade to black.

Next week there's some double-dating going on. And three very special words: CuteDean! CuteDean! CuteDean!

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