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I don't know. I hate to say it, but I'm going to say it. This episode is kinda boring in comparison. I think it's the over-saturation of Mustang Max.

Rory sits at the diner, listening to Sookie and Jackson argue. Sookie is upset about "fried stuffed squash blossoms." Jackson is asking her to stuff a "Zucchini Tush" instead. It's a "genetically engineered vegetable that's named after a butt." Sookie is appalled. Jackson says the vegetable is completely safe. Rory is hiding her giggles. Jackson says that Sookie could put the hybrid veggie on the map. Sookie wants her squash blossoms. Jackson calls Sookie small-minded and leaves. Sookie sits next to Rory. "Jackson invented a new vegetable again?" Rory asks. "Yeah," Sookie says, grabbing a cup of coffee. "It's too bad that bowling league didn't work out for him," Rory says. "Yeah," Sookie drones.

Lorelai walks in holding ice skates. Rory asks where Lorelai found them. "They were in the drawer next to the roasting pans." Of course they were. Sookie asks what the skates are for. Rory and Lorelai explain that they are going skating together. Rory plays Nancy Kerrigan and Lorelai plays Tonya Harding, complete with the falling and the moaning about the laces. Luke walks over and laughs at the skates. He asks if they fit her anymore. Lorelai asks why Luke is always trying to ruin her fun and says that yes, the skates fit. Luke says the skates look rusty. She asks for coffee. Luke asks for the skates. He says he's going to clean them and tighten the blades. Lorelai warms up all over and asks if he'll make them really shiny and put pom-poms on them. Luke takes the skates and tells her not to push it. Sookie remarks that Lorelai gets really good service in this diner. She gets paged and walks away. Rory asks Lorelai if they can invite "Max" to go skating with them. Lorelai and I have a moment where we wonder why she called him "Max." Lorelai wonders because Rory normally says, "Mr. Medina." I wonder because I really was starting to prefer "Norman." Rory says she's getting used to saying "Max." Lorelai says that Rory doesn't see Max that often after school. Rory says she knows that, but she probably will get used to seeing him, "Since you guys are obsessed with each other." Lorelai says they aren't obsessed. Rory says she doesn't mind, and that of all the guys hanging around she thinks Max is a good choice. Lorelai is clearly bothered by all of this. Rory asks if he would want to go skating with them. Lorelai says she doesn't think he skates. Rory says that they can maybe do something else together instead. Lorelai says that something other than skating would be great, but she obviously doesn't want to do anything with just the three of them. She stares at Rory for a second.

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