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Lorelai is following Rory around the Chilton hallway. Rory is in full-pout mode. Lorelai asks if she still likes her. "You bug me," Rory says. Lorelai says she'll take that as a "yes." Lorelai says she's going to deal with Max herself. Rory goes to her locker. They stand in ear-shot (which is, like, a fifty-yard radius) of Paris' locker. Paris is whining that her mother can't leave already since she hasn't even had first period yet. Paris' mother complains that she doesn't have time for this and that she's already got a headache. She then begins ripping Paris' appearance apart, asking her if she's using her special cleanser. Paris asks whether her mother will just go to Lit class with her. MommaParis says with everything going on in her life, the last thing she wants to do is face a bunch of bored people who are gossiping about her. She makes another remark about Paris' skin and then walks away. Lorelai says to Rory, "Bet I'm looking pretty good to you right now." Lorelai asks what class is first. It's Max's class, of course. Lorelai makes a joke about skipping first period.

Max lectures to the crowded classroom about the upcoming creative writing projects. He comments that normally at the end of this class, he'd read a section of Proust, but he's misplaced his copy. Lorelai starts and hides the book under her bag. The bell rings and class is dismissed. Lorelai tells Rory she's going to talk to Max for a second alone. "Please be nice," Rory says. She leaves.

Lorelai stands at the back of the class. Max says it's nice to see her. She says she's been busy. She says she wanted to give him back the book. He tells her to keep it. She says she liked the first twenty pages but then she got busy. He asks what's going on. She says that she doesn't think a book with a twenty-page sentence is for her. He asks what's been keeping her from calling him. "I don't know. Things. Sorry." She tries to give him the book again. He asks why she keeps trying to give him the book. She says it's his. He asks if there's something going on that he doesn't know about. "Yeah. I hate Proust," Lorelai says. Max figures out that Lorelai is breaking up with him. "I don't know," she says. "Not only are you breaking up with me, you're doing it really badly." Lorelai asks if she's being graded. Max says he would have expected a better dumping from her. Lorelai says she needs space. Max says he'd like as little space as possible. She says it's not working. He says it is. She says that Max walked into a family and now Rory is getting attached and she's afraid that Rory will get hurt. Max says that they talked already about how Rory would be able to handle them dating. Lorelai says she's not so sure and she's not ready to find out. Max says he knows that Lorelai is just worried about getting hurt herself. Max says that he's not going to let Lorelai off that easily. Lorelai says there's nothing he can do. He says he's sure there is. She says there isn't. He says there is. She says there isn't. Is. Isn't. Is. Isn't. "Shut up!" I scream at the television. Lorelai makes a joke about them not being in high school, even though they are in high school. "This is so not you," Max says, but it's hard for him to sound sincere. You know, through the smarm. Lorelai says that Max doesn't know everything about her. "I guess not," Max says. Lorelai tries to hand him his book. "You missed me," Max says. Lorelai tells him to stop. Lorelai tries to leave but Max keeps asking her questions. There are more lame jokes about whether or not this is actually a class and if Lorelai raised her hand to speak or not. Lorelai asks him to take the book. Max threatens her if she tries to hand him the book again. It's an empty threat, as they just begin kissing. They kiss and kiss until Paris stops outside the classroom window and watches. It's a weird, quiet kiss full of nose-breathing, by the way, and nowhere near the really good-looking kisses they did when they first got together. Nice ethics, Teach, by the way.

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