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Paris stands in the hallway with her scathingly brilliant idea. You know, there's something about private school uniforms that makes me want to make jokes about Hayley Mills and The Trouble With Angels, but I forget that not everyone grew up with my mother and perhaps I'm the only twenty-five-year-old in the land who knows that movie's catchphrase. Or that movie. Or Hayley Mills.

Cafeteria. Paris leans down and whispers to a few people. Rory looks up from her book as she hears the cafeteria bedlam rise. Philllipppe leans in towards Rory and gives her a smile. Paris walks over to Rory and stands in front of her, smiling. Rory asks what's going on. "Oh, everyone is just talking about the mom that Mr. Medina was seen kissing just now." Rory: "What?" Paris: "And the weird thing is, she looks a lot like your mom." Paris tells Rory that she saw her mother kissing Mr. Medina. Paris walks away as Lorelai walks up and asks Rory if she saved her some Jell-o. Rory stomps away from the cafeteria. Lorelai follows her.

On the staircase, Lorelai asks Rory where she's going. Rory turns around and asks, "Were you kissing him?" Lorelai says she was. Rory, in tears, asks, "What the hell is wrong with you?" She says she thought Lorelai was breaking up with him. Lorelai says that she was. "I know I told you to be nice, but, this was a little extreme, don't you think?" Lorelai says it wasn't supposed to happen. Rory tells her that Paris saw them and that it's all over the school now. Lorelai apologizes. She says this is exactly why she didn't want to date him. Rory asks why Lorelai would do this. Lorelai says that she's human and she screwed up. Rory asks why she's breaking up with him if she likes him so much. Lorelai says that she broke some rules by dating him and it's wrong because now they're in a stairwell at her school arguing about Lorelai's love life, and the entire reason for making these dating rules was so that Rory didn't ever have to be involved with the men that Lorelai is dating. Rory says that she's not a kid anymore and doesn't need Lorelai to hide her personal life. Rory stomps away and says she can't believe Lorelai is blaming her for all of this. Lorelai says she's not blaming Rory. Rory says that Lorelai made up these stupid rules years ago about the way Gilmore women would run their lives, and she's sticking to these rules even though they aren't working. Lorelai says her stupid rules are the reason that the two of them are so happy and successful. Rory says that maybe it's time for the rules to change. Lorelai says that's for her to figure out, not Rory. Rory asks Lorelai to figure out the rules before French class, so that Lorelai doesn't start making out with Mrs.Collins. Lorelai says she can't make that promise until she sees what Mrs. Collins looks like.

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