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Back in Stars Hollow, The Sparks are warming up their own troubadour act on another corner. They are fabulous, as always, and inspire a ten-minute lecture from my husband about their brilliant collaboration with his beloved (pre-reality show embarrassments) Jane Weidlin. Their great song about women and perfume leads Taylor to once again burst forth and throw up his hands at them and another troubadour, played by the recurring Dave "Gruber" Allen, who is singing a very funny song about crying clowns -- one of my favorite subjects. Taylor can't figure out where all of these people are coming from, and rages into Luke's diner, asking Luke whether he's "eyeballed the chicanery" that is going on in town. Luke gives him the brush, but Kirk steps in to offer an explanation, telling Taylor about the original Troubadour getting his gig with Neil Young. Inexplicably, Taylor asks who this Neil Young is. "One of The Monkees," Kirk erroneously explains. I have a little laugh at the expense of Neil Young, who, yes, I do consider to be a musical genius -- but...listen, I am from Alabama, and we simply never forgive. Anyway, Kirk says that he thinks word got out among the east coast network of troubadours and they've all rushed to Stars Hollow for their shot at taking over the vacant position. Kirk says that these wandering musical storytellers have a long and interesting history, remembering one early pilgrim who delighted his companions with his popular tune "A Beaver Ate My Thumb." Taylor gets more and more upset, and turns to see yet another singer strap on her guitar in front of the diner.

It's Mary Lynn Rajskub, who I understand plays Chloe on 24. Of all the troubadours, she is definitely my favorite. Her song, which she plays and sings live, is about losing her '89 Volvo and having to retrace her steps to the bar where she left it. It's fantastic and sadly interrupted by Taylor, who rushes outside to give a town-wide lecture. He tells all the would-be troubadours that they'll have to beat it. He says that he is a music lover, like anyone else, but they have got to go and will be forcibly removed "with water hoses and canine units if necessary." I wish the troubadors would attack him with their musical instruments, but they don't.

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