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We cut away to Lorelai, who is arriving back at home. She notices that her phone has a missed call from Rory, and she calls her back. "You're grounded," Rory says. "Sorry, mom!" Lorelai jokes. "Kimmie saw this cute guy at the mall who was a total Chachi, and he bought us a Slurpie, and we totally lost track of time." Lorelai apologizes to Rory, saying that she just had fallen asleep at Sookie's during a girl's night. "I won't be ignored, Dan," Rory jokes, and Lorelai assures her -- while shaking her head vehemently to the contrary -- that everything is fine. Rory tells her about the graduation and how it went well, and that she may have to leave the FND after drinks tonight because she has plans with her man:"I made reservations at this really crappy Italian restaurant with chianti bottles hanging from the ceiling. The husband and wife who own the place always wind up screaming at each other after eight o'clock. We love it." Though she is disappointed she won't have any Rory time that night, Lorelai smiles, and says it sounds like fun.

Inside, Lorelai finds Patty, who has come over to take care of Paul Anka. Lorelai thanks her for taking the morning shift, and again tells the girls' night story about staying over at Sookie's. Patty is about to go back to her studio to teach -- and this gave me the shivers -- a cardio striptease class, when they both hear Luke come in the front door, calling for Lorelai. Lorelai begs Patty to lie for her and say that she's not there. Patty resists, but goes out to give it her best shot with the frazzled Luke. Patty tries to distract him, talking about Baryshnikov and how he was "pure sex, walking." Heeee. Pointedly, Patty asks Luke whether he's ever taken any dance classes: "Nothing sexier than a man in tights." Luke cringes, and asks whether she'll just tell Lorelai he came by. "Stop imagining me in tights," he tells her, as a parting shot. Patty: "It's a free country, honey."

With Luke gone, Patty goes to get the scoop from Lorelai. "We had a little fight," Lorelai says. "Nothing big," Patty nods, saying that she knows how it is and tells Lorelai not to freeze him out too long. "Luke is a much better man than my first husband," Patty says. "Or second husband. But he's neck and neck with my third husband, though." Cute. Allow me an off-topic moment now to wonder aloud about if perhaps Lauren Graham is pregnant, in real life. TWoP's own Jessica was ruminating on this the other day and it caused me to look a little more closely at La Graham and her wardrobe. I'm not saying she really looks pregnant, but...there's something about her that makes me wonder. They have her rocking so many v-neck dresses and cardigans lately. Maybe they're doing it less to establish a style for Lorelai than to shield us all from the truth? This is TOTAL conjecture on my part, please understand. I have no reason at all to believe she is or not.

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