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Back at her apartment, Rory waits for Logan. She looks frustrated, and when she finally hears him in the hall, she goes to open the door to see him talking to his father. They say goodbye, and Logan comes in, saying that his family thing took longer than he thought and that after that, some of dad's stupid colleagues came by to talk shop. He pours a drink as he remembers their discussion of "synergy" and "new media." Rory says that she's got to go to her grandparents' right now to be on time, and I can't figure out why the contrivance is even in place -- surely they would give her a night off to be with Logan? Anyway, she's pissed because she thinks that Mitchum is trying to ruin their last night together, but Logan tells her not to worry about it. She steps out of the apartment and sees that Mitchum is just now getting onto the elevator. With a burst of chutzpah, she gets on to ride with him and -- after a few awkward moments -- lays right into the guy, asking whether he hadn't been aware that she and Logan had plans. He says no, so she turns up the sarcasmometer: "Yeah, 'cause why would your son want to go out with his girlfriend the last day before he leaves, right?" Mitchum is unimpressed with her selfishness and tries to interrupt, but she goes on, complaining that Logan had to be bothered with his business cronies. "Why are you taking him away from me?" she finally asks. "Do you hate me that much?" You can see in the man's eyes that he wishes he had worn his "Shut Up, Rory" t-shirt that day. Mitchum tells her that Logan's love life is his own business and that she flatters herself if she thinks he'd send Logan away just to get him away from her. Furthermore, Mitchum says, he's sending Logan away for a very important reason: it is time for Logan to grow up and stop acting like an idiot: "It's time for him to stop being a child, and start being a man. And the only way to do that is to get him out of his environment, and away from those dopes Colin and Finn and the Life and Death Brigade and get him on a path." Mitchum says that Logan is talented and needs a push to grow up. "Anything here," he closes, "you're not agreeing with?" Rory's chagrined expression says it all. She gets it and for once SHUTS UP at the RIGHT time.

In Stars Hollow, Yo La Tengo sings a song about a couple who stared at the sun and tried so hard, while Taylor walks with the mailman, declaring himself victorious over the troubadour influx. However, when he rounds the corner and gets a look at the town square, he is disturbed to see that he is quite wrong. The town is covered with strummy.

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