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Colin and Finn are escorting Logan back to his apartment, begging them the whole way to come out and have more drinks with them. "I appreciate the drinks and the diversion," he says. "Your friendship over the years will be worth at least a couple of pages in my memoir, but as of now, it's goodbye. I'm spending the rest of the night alone, with my girl." With that, he opens the door to find a crazy party going on in his honor. Rory has decorated the place, and herself, to look like swinging '60s London. "I'm sorry mate," Rory says, "no girlfriends here. Just us birds and blokes taking the piss out of each other." Oh, Alexis Bledel. Good try on the accent; even Logan can't let it go without having to comment on how terrible it is. "Just go with it, ya geezer," she says, and leads him into the party talking about pubs and old Blighty and chips and all things British. It's silly, but -- again, plug your ears -- very cute, and Logan's smile is as wide as the Thames. "Kiss me, Mary Poppins," he says, and lays one on her, as the rest of the party toast the Queen.

Lorelai is leaving her parents' house, listening to Emily lament that she thought Christopher and Lynnie would have hit it off better than they did, or at least go out and have coffee together. "You served them coffee," Lorelai says. "You can't be shocked when you serve people three cups of coffee and they don't feel like going out for coffee. Not everyone is me." True. Emily shrugs, deciding the Christopher was probably too immature for Lynnie, anyway, and closes the door after Lorelai. It occurs to Emily that she has not fired her maid, yet. "Everything's off tonight," she says, confused.

In the driveway, Lorelai finds Lynnie, still there, talking on her cell phone in her car. "So you do sessions over the phone?" Lorelai asks, and Lynnie says yes; she does them whenever people need them. Lorelai says that it's a big commitment, and Lynnie says that she's always been a good listener: "Good note taker. I have excellent penmanship. Good headnodding abilities." Lorelai tells Lynnie again that it was nice meeting her, and Lynnie returns the sentiment, saying that the dinner was really nice of Emily. "Well," Lorelai says. "You keep thinking that." Lynnie laughs, saying it's been a long time since she had been invited to such a blatant setup. Lynnie gets another call and lets it go to voicemail. "When you're going through something," she says of her clients, "you never know when you're going to need to talk. Sometimes, it sneaks up on you." Lorelai's face makes it clear that her need to talk is sneaking up on her right now, and finally, after many protests, Lynnie asks Lorelai directly whether she has something on her mind. Lorelai again says no, but we cut to moments later when she's in the back of Lynnie's car, having her first and LONG OVERDUE therapy session. "My parents have been married," she says, as Lynnie takes notes, "for forty years. And that is like, mind blowing for me, because there is no one worse at communication than my mother, except my father!"

Lorelai says that everything in her house growing up was on "don't talk about it; shove it aside" status. "And of course, I talked about it," Lorelai says, "and shoved it right in your face, but still, I never saw myself getting married." Lynnie is surprised, but Lorelai says that until Max asked her, and that she guesses she imagined herself marrying Christopher when she was pregnant and everyone was freaking out, "but I never thought about in a longingly-good way." Lynnie says that maybe that's why -- she's always seen marriage as a solution to her problems, and not something having to do with love. She asks whether Lorelai really loved Max. "No, I didn't," she says in a small, regretful voice. "I wanted to, but I didn't. I don't think I ever really loved anyone until Luke." She explains to Lynnie how and why she proposed to Luke: "He was solid and he was strong. At that moment, when I realized how much he cared for Rory...that was it. Suddenly I knew I was ready." Lynnie asks if Luke accepted the proposal right away. "Pretty much," Lorelai says. She asks Lynnie about the weirdest place she's every done a session, and Lynnie says it was Skull Mountain at Six Flags. "Oh," Lorelai says, disappointed. "Not here, then." Lynnie laughs, and says no. Lorelai says that she feels so stupid -- she bought the dress and everything and now it's just hanging there, mocking her. "The crazy thing is," Lorelai says, "I am ready to get married. I'm ready to start the next phase of my life; I want another kid; and I don't want to wait anymore. I don't want to be patient." Lorelai adds that she's been patient long enough, and is not happy and feels crappy all the time: "I just think, I've had it." Lynnie looks her straight in the face and tells her it's up to her to say what she wants, or keep on waiting. "I could lose him if I push too hard," Lorelai says, but Lynnie wisely shakes her head, Sars-style: "You don't really seem to have him, now." So true, and so hard. She tells Lorelai that she won't get anything if she doesn't ask for it, and that if she asks for it and doesn't get it, maybe it wasn't meant to be. Lorelai sighs. "I can only imagine," she jokes, weakly, "what you could do if you had a couch."

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