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Rory Gets Grumpy

Lorelai enters Luke's and sits at the counter. Luke comments that Lorelai looks like hell. She says she didn't get much sleep last night because of a fight with Rory after which Rory ran away. Luke freaks out until Lorelai tells him that Rory is at Emily's. Lorelai says she got in the car three times to go and pick her up last night, and that she'd drive halfway there and then turn around and go home. On the last trip she ran out of gas. Luke says that Rory will cool off and come home. Lorelai says she can't believe all of this pain Rory's in. She's such a great kid, and she got hurt by this boy, and there's nothing she can do about it. Luke and Lorelai bitch about CuteDean and wish they could pinch his head off. Lorelai wishes she could key CuteDean's car. Luke says she should key Cardigan Man's car and tell him that CuteDean did it and then tell him that CuteDean littered and that he walks his dog without a leash: "He'll run him out of town!" Lorelai celebrates. She says she has to go and wait at home in case Rory calls. Luke says the coffee is on the house. Lorelai turns to go but notices that Luke is wearing the belt she bought. He says the old one broke. Lorelai says it's pretty good timing. Luke stops her and says that Rory will be home soon.

Lorelai is walking home and stops by the market. She looks inside the window and sees CuteDean stocking shelves. She stops and starts a few times and then enters the store. She walks over to him and asks if he has a minute; she says she just wants to tell him that she thinks he's scum. "Gee, thanks," CuteDean says. Lorelai rages that he's never going to find a girl as great as Rory. She says that she's beautiful and smart and doesn't deserve to be treated that way. "Treated what way?" CuteDean asks cutely, but Lorelai isn't finished. She says she's an idiot for thinking he was one of the good ones and that he was going to treat Rory well. CuteDean yells that he's tired of everyone blaming this on him: "I say 'I love you' and she just sits there and I'm the jerk? I'm the bad guy?" Lorelai asks what he's talking about. CuteDean says he doesn't care anymore and he wants to be left alone. He turns his back on Lorelai and goes back to stocking cans. Lorelai leaves. CuteDean sighs, signifying the end of the scene.

Emily answers her door. It's Lorelai. Emily says she told Lorelai to call. Lorelai asks for Rory, and then walks upstairs to get her. Emily follows behind her with a blow-by-blow of every second since Rory got home. Lorelai stops her and says she'd just like to talk to Rory.

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