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Rory Gets Grumpy

Lorelai walks into Rory's room and shuts the door. Rory gets up and hugs Lorelai, apologizing. Lorelai says it's okay. They make up using sentence fragments. Lorelai asks Rory to talk about what happened. Rory says that she just snapped and needed to get away. Lorelai says that she's very familiar with the need to run, but that the two of them have to not run away from each other in order to can keep their special relationship working. Rory says she understands. Lorelai asks what happened with Rory and CuteDean. Rory says that she doesn't want to talk about it. Lorelai says that she wants to, because she went and yelled at CuteDean today. Rory is just a bit mortified that Lorelai did that. Lorelai tells Rory what CuteDean told her, and Rory looks nervous. Rory says that CuteDean looked so hurt when she didn't say anything back and she didn't know what to do because she didn't want to hurt him. "I just got scared and I sat there." Lorelai says she understands. She says she's still learning right now, too, and so she doesn't know what she's supposed to be teaching Rory. She says she has a fear of commitment and relationships, and that she doesn't want Rory to be like her: "I would hate to think I raised a kid who couldn't say 'I love you.'" Rory starts to protest, but Lorelai says she doesn't mean specifics here; she just wants Rory not to be like her when it comes to matters of the heart. Lorelai says to imagine Rory is dating Taylor Hanson. Rory tries to ask why, but Lorelai asks her to go with the hypothetical situation. Rory asks how she and Taylor hooked up. Lorelai explains that it happened backstage at one of his concerts. Rory asks whether Hanson is still together, and why Lorelai didn't stop her from going to a Hanson concert. Lorelai says she's just trying to make a point. If Rory and Taylor were dating for a while and were happy, she would want Rory to be able to say, "Taylor, I love you." Rory says this hypothetical is wigging her out. Lorelai says her point is that it's scary to be in love, but it's also wonderful and special, and if Rory can't fully say it or express it, then she's never going to experience it, and since Rory is such a great person, she should be allowed to experience this wonderful thing. She says that with someone, someday, it'll be right, and she wants Rory to be ready for that moment when it happens. Rory asks whether Lorelai is ready for that moment when it happens. Lorelai says that she's working on it: "I do, however, know what dress I'll be wearing."

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