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Rory Gets Grumpy

MamaLane: How you know Lane?
CuteDean: Uh...
MamaLane: You date her?
CuteDean: No.
MamaLane: You try to?
CuteDean: No.
MamaLane: Then why you here?
CuteDean: I...
MamaLane: Empty your pockets.

CuteDean says he's going to leave, but Lane comes running down the stairs. MamaLane asks who Dean is. CuteDean says that he's Dean. Lane says they go to school together. "You do?" MamaLane asks. CuteDean says that they're Science partners. "You don't talk!" MamaLane shouts. CuteDean apologizes. Lane says that she invited CuteDean over to work. "Work?" MamaLane asks suspiciously. "On our Science project," Lane explains. "Reproduction?" MamaLane asks, squinting. "Spores, molds and fungus," says Lane. MamaLane asks a few more times whether they are dating; once she's satisfied with the answer, she tells the kids to follow her. She stands over a table and orders Lane to sit at one end and CuteDean at the other. She says she'll be standing close by, and that their chairs cannot move. Lane and CuteDean say that they understand. MamaLane gives CuteDean the stink-eye for a few seconds more, and then leaves. She turns back around, points, and says, "I. See. All." Then a luckdragon flies down through the chimney and takes her away.

"So, that's your mom," CuteDean says. "That's my mom," Lane says. "Has she seen Patton?" CuteDean asks. Lane says that MamaLane gets uptight about boys, and that it's nothing personal. CuteDean says that he knows she'll probably like him once she gets to know him. Lane says that MamaLane will hate him forever, but that it's nothing personal. CuteDean decides to get to work. They open their books. After a silence, CuteDean asks whether this is weird for Lane. She says it is, a little. He says he didn't know whether Rory had told her to hate him or something. "That's not Rory," Lane says. "Yeah, I know," CuteDean says wistfully. They are both quiet for a second. CuteDean asks how Rory's doing. "Good," Lane says immediately. And then she realizes that "good" is bad when you want someone to think that they're missing someone, but that she should be "good" because she doesn't want Rory to look pitiful, but still she wants CuteDean to know that Rory needs him and misses him and stuff, so Lane adds that Rory is actually "good-ish." CuteDean sounds interested in that, so Lane goes further to say that Rory is "less good than 'ish.'" CuteDean asks how much less. Lane says that they're breaking their agreement not to talk about Rory. CuteDean says that he didn't know there was an agreement. Lane says she thought it was an unspoken agreement. CuteDean says, "Well, it was really unspoken because nobody spoke it!" Lane says she thinks they'd get along better as study partners if they didn't have to talk about Rory. CuteDean says it's fine. Lane says that's fine. They both go back to their books. It's quiet for about two seconds before Lane tells CuteDean that Rory can't even go into the market because he's there. CuteDean says that he's not there on Wednesdays. "Already noted," Lane says. Lane asks whether she can ask a personal question. CuteDean says that she can ask, but that he might not answer. Lane asks whether he thinks he'll get back together with Rory. CuteDean asks to go back to the no-talking-about-Rory agreement. Lane starts to explain herself, but stops and looks up like she's in trouble. CuteDean sees her and looks to see what she's staring at. It's Rory. Man, how did I not see that coming, either? I'm all, "Oh! Man!" It's very quiet before Rory says, "I should have called." She apologizes and runs off. Lane runs after her. CuteDean sits and mouth-breathes until I walk up and seal his lips with mine.

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Gilmore Girls




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