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Rory Gets Grumpy

Back at Luke's, Lorelai has somehow convinced Luke to try on the pants and sweater. He's all looking like those kids on the Jenny Jones makeover shows where they're dressed in a way they hate and they're all hunched over and miserable while everyone tries to convince them that this is the only way they look good and the only way anyone will ever love them. As Lorelai hands Luke a belt, some man behind Luke's counter, wearing an apron, feeds the pizza delivery boy from a zillion episodes ago. When did Luke hire another waiter? Lorelai starts to put the belt on Luke, but he says he knows how to put one on himself. Lorelai smiles and congratulates herself on her exceptional taste. She tells Luke to turn around so she can see if everything fits. The pizza delivery guy shouts, "Hey, Fabio! Can I get some ketchup?" Luke asks Lorelai to give the guy ketchup so he doesn't risk ruining the clothes, because he's taking them back. Why can't he get the food-serving-apron-wearing-behind-the-counter guy to give him some ketchup? Lorelai hands the guy the ketchup and asks Luke to try on the suit again. She wants to see it with a different shirt this time. Luke asks whether this is how Lorelai likes her guys: "All GQed up?" Lorelai says that it's just a bit less casual. But yeah, she's clearly dressed Luke just like Mustang Max here. Without the scary nipples. Lorelai says that this isn't making a new Luke, but showing another side of the old one. She's fiddling with the belt buckle when Rachel walks in. Luke's all, "Hey, honey, what's up?" but Rachel wants to know what Lorelai's doing with her hand on Luke's crotch. Understandably. Lorelai says that it isn't what it looks like. Rachel says it looks like she's dressing Luke. Lorelai says that it is exactly what it looks like, then. Luke says there was a sale. "Six trillion percent off," Lorelai adds. Luke asks how you could walk away from that. There's a sound here that's just like the bell the bartender at my old comedy club would ring when your joke bombed. It's a nice touch here. Luke says he's going to go change. Lorelai says that she's going to pick up Rory. Her and Rachel have an uncomfortable goodbye. Luke and Rachel have a strange moment before Luke goes to change.

Lane waits at the bus stop, armed with two cups of coffee. She meets Rory and hands her a cup. Rory thanks her. Lane says this feels awkward. Rory says that she's a big girl and doesn't need to be protected from things. Lane says she didn't want to make Rory sad. Rory asks how CuteDean's being Lane's study partner would make her sad. Lane admits that she doesn't even like bringing up his name around Rory because she always looks so pained when he's mentioned. Rory says she's fine. Lane asks whether Rory's seen her face when CuteDean is mentioned. Rory says that her face is fine. Lane says that Rory's face is far from fine. Rory says that she'll get over it. Lane says that Rory's not over it yet. Rory says that she might get over it faster if everyone in town weren't so busy trying to protect her from every little pain in the world. Well, that's certainly true. Lane huffs that she won't protect her anymore. In fact, if they're ever walking down the street and Rory's about to walk into traffic, Lane will just give her a little push. Rory says that's exactly what she's talking about. Lane says she was going to lie about where she has to be tonight, but she's not going to do that: she'll be studying with CuteDean. And probably tomorrow night and some time after that until their project is due next week. Rory yells that she doesn't care, and that she'll just see Lane when she sees her. They "fine" and "bye" each other and huff off in different directions.

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