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Rory Gets Grumpy

Rory slams her coffee into a trash can as Lorelai walks up and asks where Lane is going. "Away," Rory brats. Lorelai says that Rory has been in this mood for a week now; Lorelai's "tired of Goofus and [she'd like her] Gallant back." Rory snots that Lorelai can't ever just say a sentence normally, and that she has to be all silly or whatever. She can't just say, "Hey, let's talk." Lorelai grabs Rory's arm, pulls her around and says, "Hey, let's talk." Rory snots that maybe they could talk about her and Mustang Max and that they're dating. Lorelai asks whether Rory talked to Max. Lorelai has the largest and scariest part in her head here I've ever seen. Rory says that she had to stay after class today to talk about her break-up with CuteDean. Lorelai says that they weren't dating -- they were just talking and they only just now started talking about dating. Rory asks why Lorelai didn't bring it up with Rory. Lorelai tells a story from when she was in high school: her boyfriend broke up with her at the same time that her best friend broke up with her boyfriend. Well, her best friend got back together with her boyfriend, and Lorelai didn't get back together with hers, so she had to hear how happy her friend was and how in love she was and that it made her terribly sad and depressed and that she didn't want to do that to Rory. My sentences are starting to look like lines from this show. Lorelai says that Rory was so upset about CuteDean that she didn't want to gloat that things were going well with Max. Lorelai says that she was going to tell her, but that she wanted Rory to have some space. She was just trying to protect her. Rory stomps off and says that it doesn't matter because they're just going to break up again anyway. Lorelai follows Rory with an "excuse me?" Rory says that's what Lorelai's best at doing, anyway. She adds that they'll get back together, break up, cry, get back together, and do it over and over, and that she doesn't really want to have to hear about all of that anyway. She asks Lorelai just to fill her in at the final inning. Lorelai says that's a terrible thing even for "alternate universe Rory" to say. She asks for an apology. Rory gives a half-hearted one and asks to go home. Lorelai says that they'll go home, but that she wants a real apology. Rory pouts and notices that Lorelai isn't following her. Lorelai is about to enter the market; she says they need light bulbs. Rory says that they're fine and that they should just go. Lorelai says that they're in the dark at the house and it'll only take a second to pick up light bulbs. Man, who remembers that they need light bulbs in the middle of a fight? Rory won't go into the store. She says that she can't go in there since it isn't Wednesday. She leaves, saying she'll meet Lorelai at home.

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