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Rory Gets Grumpy

Lorelai walks into the house and announces that she's ready for round two. She says she got some Silly String in case things get ugly. She walks around the house, shouting Rory's name. She even shouts, "Answer, please!" which seems to be some sort of code they have. There's nothing. Rory isn't there.

Hey, Richard's back. Emily is dressing him in a tux while he complains about this fundraiser gathering Emily's dragging him to this evening. It's to save a rare bird. Richard is tired of these fundraisers. He doesn't want to be bored out of his skull for four hours tonight by the same people he's going to be bored out of his skull by at tomorrow's symphony fundraiser. Emily reminds him to get his other tux from the cleaner tomorrow. Richard says that he plans on killing himself tonight during the opening of Katie Salinger's speech. Emily says that Katie Salinger is a dear friend and that he should be nice to her. Richard turns around and declares Katie Salinger a "dipsomaniac." There was a great moment here in my living room where everyone pretended we knew what that word meant, but then looked around to figure out who probably really knew what the word meant and then everyone confessed they had no idea. According to "someone who has a morbid and uncontrollable craving (often periodic) for drink, esp. for alcoholic liquors; also improperly used to denote acute and chronic alcoholism." You learn something new every day. How, in my vast group of drunken friends, have we never heard of this word before? Richard says that he's going to bring his newspaper to the event. While Emily complains, the doorbell sounds. Emily answers the door. It's Rory. There's a taxi behind her. "Hey, Gramma," Rory says, as we fade to black.

Emily asks whether everything is okay. Rory says that everything is fine. Emily calls Richard over to pay the cab. Richard sees Rory and says hello. Emily tells him to pay the cab, and that she'll talk to Rory. They go inside. Emily asks Rory what's happening. Rory says that she had a fight with Lorelai, and that she just had to get out of Stars Hollow for the evening. Richard walks in bitching about the price of the cab and asks Rory whether she'd like a cocktail. Rory politely declines. Emily scolds him. Richard says that he's just a bit confused. Rory sees that they are in black tie and realizes that they had plans for the evening. She tells them to go out anyway and that she should have called. Richard says that she doesn't have to apologize. Emily says that Rory doesn't have to call before she comes over, and that she's welcome anytime. "Tonight, especially," Richard adds. Emily asks whether Rory wants to talk. Richard tells her not to pry, and says that Rory needs some peace. Emily asks how he knows what Rory needs. Richard says that he can tell. I love Emily's next line: "Oh! You're a mind reader now. How nice. We'll get you a turban and a little booth by the train station." Rory asks whether she can stay the night. Emily says that of course she may stay. Richard says that she can stay as long as she'd like. Emily asks whether she wants something to eat. Rory says that she'd just like to get some sleep. Emily says that the room is all ready for her, and that there are pajamas in the drawer. There's a new toothbrush in the bathroom. It's pink with sparkles. Emily thought that Rory would like it. Rory thanks her, hugs her, hugs Richard, and leaves for bed. Emily says that everything will be fine. "Richard, say something encouraging," she mumbles. Richard stops Rory, raises his drink and says, "I'm sorry you're upset, but I applaud your timing." Rory says that she'll see them tomorrow and goes to bed. Richard asks what's going on. "She had a fight with Lorelai," Emily says. "And she came here." Emily sits looking incredibly pleased with herself.

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