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Rory Gets Grumpy

Lorelai is on the phone with MamaLane. She asks whether Lane is there. She asks whether MamaLane knows where Lane is. She makes a noise and says it's unbelievable because MamaLane always knows where Lane is: "The one time I need you to be crazy prison guard lady you're all, 'Hey, man. Whatever.'" Hee. She then says she'll never be able to explain that last sentence to MamaLane's satisfaction, so she's going to hang up the phone. She asks her to have Lane call her, and says that she can't find Rory. "Don't 'ha' me, you don't know where Lane is either," she says, and then hangs up the phone. Sookie walks in and says that Rory isn't with Miss Patty, at the library, or at Luke's. Lorelai wonders where Rory is, and why she didn't leave a note. Sookie asks her to calm down. Lorelai says that Rory doesn't just take off because she knows it would make Lorelai crazy. She starts to panic, and Sookie asks her to calm down. Mustang Max shows up and asks if there's any good news. They say they have no idea where she is. He asks about CuteDean. Sookie runs off to go ask CuteDean if he's seen her. Doesn't anyone just call people? Lorelai thanks Max for his good suggestion, and says she's freaking out. Max says that it's going to be okay. The phone rings. It's Emily. She says that she just wanted Lorelai to know that Rory is there with them. I can't believe Emily didn't let Lorelai squirm longer, but I guess she wanted to gloat as soon as possible. Lorelai holds back tears and asks if Rory's okay. Emily says that she's fine, but that she asked to spend the night. Lorelai asks how she got there. Emily says that she took a cab. Lorelai asks to talk to Rory, but Emily says that she doesn't think that's the best idea. Emily says that Rory told her they had a fight. Lorelai says that they had a disagreement. "She said 'a fight,'" Emily says. Lorelai asks to talk to Rory again. Emily says that she doesn't think so. "She went to her room, Lorelai," Emily says. "Her room is here," Lorelai reminds her. Emily says that she didn't go to Lorelai's house and kidnap Rory, but that Rory ran away from Lorelai to come to Emily's house. Rory was very upset and just wanted some quiet. She thinks it's best just to leave Rory alone and let her sleep. She says that the morning would be best for further arguments about the situation. Lorelai says she'll pick Rory up in the morning. Emily points out that Rory has school in the morning and that Chilton is right next to the house. Lorelai says that she'll pick Rory up after school. Emily tells Lorelai to call tomorrow when Rory gets back from school, and they'll see where things are then, just in case Rory wants to stay for a while. "I'll talk to you tomorrow," Lorelai pouts venomously. She hangs up.

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Gilmore Girls




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