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Dragonfly. Lorelai's in that pink and black dress I don't like. She's looking for Michel to arrange a car to take some guests to the Foxwoods Casino. Michel is doing those people a favor by ignoring their request. Trust me. Sookie tells Lorelai that Michel's showing some people around the motor home. Lorelai wonders why Michel didn't ask her permission, so Sookie tells her that Michel's a little afraid of Lorelai right now, on account of her being so mean to him before. Sookie reminds Lorelai that Michel can dish it out, but that he's extremely sensitive when you give it back. Like me. "You can't even tease him. He never wore those red cowboy boots again," Sookie says. Like me. Lorelai tells Sookie to tell Eddie to arrange the car. Delegating at its finest!

Outside, prospective buyers are inquiring about the motor home's gas mileage, but all Michel knows is that he wants to get rid of this hunk of metal pronto. Just as he's about to accept a check for twenty grand, Lorelai runs up and begins upselling the vehicle with all she's got. She uses phrases like "wall-to-wall wallpaper" and "maple-ish paneling." When all the buyers are inside the machine, Lorelai asks Michel why he's just giving this thing away for twenty grand. Michel pouts, "That's what I was told to do. I didn't know about the maple-ish paneling." Lorelai asks him what he's thinking, selling it so cheap. Michel pouts some more, saying that he never thinks, according to her. Lorelai follows him three steps to the left and apologizes. She says she was tense about the photo shoot and said things she didn't mean and shouldn't have said. She says she knows the inn couldn't run without him. She tells him they rescheduled the photo shoot, and everything's fine. Michel calls Lorelai dramatic. He says he really wants the motor home gone. Lorelai says that the entire world saw the $100,000 flash under Michel's face on television. He needs to go get his money. Lorelai says that the bolo tie guy looks stupid enough to buy this thing. Michel says the woman with the elastic-waist jeans could be a good backup. Lorelai tells him to go in there and sell the thing.

La-la-Lorelai's. She has apparently decided to wear a sequined nightgown under a tiny cardigan on her make-up date. She looks as unhappy about it as I am. She calls Rory, who is getting ready for her own date. Lorelai complains that her outfit is too sparkly, and that she looks like a chandelier. They discuss shoes. Then they discuss boys. Specifically Robert. I think Rory makes up his last name here when Lorelai asks about it, because she has no idea what his last name actually is. Rory explains that while she's on a date with Robert tonight, it doesn't mean she won't be on a date with Logan very soon. Lorelai sounds concerned that her daughter has turned slutty. Rory says she's going as Gogo for the party, since she already has the skirt and is out of ideas. And QT doesn't exactly make that many parts for girls. How many Mia Wallaces can there be? Lorelai has to say the word "slutty" somehow, so it comes out in a complaint about herself. "This dress is too slutty!" Rory: "The dress is fine. The person in it, however..." Lorelai pretends the phone is breaking up, but honestly, it's weird to have Rory call her mother a slut, even jokingly. Lorelai hangs up and adjusts her dress.

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