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Luke arrives, dressed like he's going as Vincent Vega. Lorelai and Luke have a few awkward beginnings-of-sentences as Luke meets her on the stairs instead of making it all the way to the front door. They agree that it's stupid that they're so awkward, since they've done this before. They say "Hey." Luke puts his arm around Lorelai and walks her to the truck.

In the truck, Lorelai is unhappy to find a reggae CD. RUN, LORELAI! RUN! Reggae is always a bad sign. Lorelai wants to know the when, where, and more importantly the why of Luke's reggae CD. Luke bought it at a gas station. So that's who buys those things. Lorelai's worried that further investigation of Luke's glove compartment may reveal ganja and a red and green knit cap. Luke says he simply bought a CD, not a membership to Rastafarian culture. Lorelai can't believe there was this chunk of time when they weren't with each other, when she was working her ass of and he was running around buying reggae CDs. Luke reminds her it was just one CD. Lorelai says she hates that they were apart. She tells him he's lucky she's back in his life, since he was clearly lost without her: "It's a miracle you're even still alive. Right?" Luke smiles. "You bet." All better now.

QT party. Reservoir Dogs soundtrack. Fake Eric Stoltz takes a shot as Mr. Pink walks past with two...Isabella Rossellinis from Blue Velvet? Who's that character in the blue sequins with the black, curly wig? And why does one look right at us as she passes? Robert's glad to see the booze right away. Rory says she'll wait until she's actually at the party instead of entering it. Robert is dressed, I think, as Michael Madsen's Kill Bill character. I think. Oh, he says he's "Dead Extra Number 2." Well, fine. Finn is dressed as Vincent Vega. The fake Daryl Hannah Extra looks an awful lot like Daryl Hannah. Robert tells Finn he owes Robert forty bucks. On his birthday, no less! Finn forks over the cash. The girl in the back wearing the Bridget Fonda outfit gets kudos for her bravery. Finn and Robert call each other's fathers cross-dressers. Rory is once again introduced to Finn, who doesn't remember her. Finn goes back into his party. Robert compliments Rory's costume, but Rory's too busy staring at Logan (dressed as Bruce Willis from Pulp Fiction ["my sister had to ID that one for me" -- Wing Chun]), who's talking to his date, The Bride. Rory runs into Colin, who ditched his date when he found out she was dressed as Mira Sorvino (blond wig, name tag that read "Mira Sorvino.") I guess Colin doesn't think that counts. I guess I'll take off this video store costume now. Logan introduces his temp date Whitney to everybody. Her wig is terrible. Logan, Robert, and Rory engage in awkward small talk until everyone leaves to go drink and flirt on their own. Rory asks Robert his last name. Ha! I knew it!

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