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Luke's. Emily storms in, furious. I do mean furious. She asks what's wrong with Luke, "besides the obvious lack of fashion sense." Says the woman in a pink speckled blazer. Emily can't understand how stupid Luke would have to be not to get back together with Lorelai, after she specifically told him how and why he should do exactly what she says. Luke can't get a word in edgewise as Emily is insulting him, yelling at him at his place of business, telling him exactly what she thinks about him. There's a suggestion box, Emily. It's a nicer way to offer criticism of someone when you're both in public. Also, it's not Luke's job to live his life the way you tell him to, particularly when you think he doesn't live his life correctly, or how you'd live it, or up to some potential you think he can never reach. And it seems that everybody is happy with Luke but you and your husband, so maybe it'd be better if you didn't talk to Luke at all anymore, or visit his place of work. That might make you happier, since it seemed to be a big inconvenience for you to tell him what to do in the first place. Luke tries to tell Emily he's in the middle of fixing a toaster, but Emily screams that she doesn't care what he's in the middle of, because she has decided this is the time she's going to tell him how she feels about him, and what she thinks he should and shouldn't be doing. She blames Luke for tearing apart her family, for making her life miserable. Luke doesn't know how to keep Emily from assaulting him with insults, so he calls Lorelai using the number one key on his touchpad.

Lorelai's on Stars Hollow Drive (I do believe I've made that street name up, but I'm using it) when she gets the call. She hears Emily yelling. She runs over to Luke's.

By the time Lorelai reaches Luke's, Emily has moved on to the fact that Luke never followed-through on Richard's plan to franchise the diner: "Apparently, you can't follow through with anything. Not even a razor!" Luke has remained pretty quiet through all of this, since he doesn't want to insult Emily (because we all know he has no problem yelling in his own diner). Lorelai runs in and asks Emily what she's doing there. Emily says she's having what she's sure will be another fruitless conversation with Luke. Lorelai profusely apologizes to Luke, who says it's okay. Lorelai tells Emily to go home, that she has no right to go to Luke's job and insult him, causing a scene. Emily thinks she has every right to be there because she "has something to say." Lorelai doesn't care what Emily has to say: "We just want you to please butt out of our lives." Now Emily gets that Luke and Lorelai are back together, and the blame shifts. Luke tells Emily that while he did get back together with Lorelai, it wasn't because Emily told him to. Emily is not the boss of him. Lorelai reminds her mother that their split was a direct result of what Emily did. There has been no apology on Emily's end, and she's insanely rude and judgmental to Luke, so why would Lorelai go back to Friday Night Dinners like nothing had ever happened? Emily says she only did what she did out of concern. "Oh, please," Lorelai says. Emily feels, as Lorelai's mother, that she has every right to be concerned: "Especially when it looks like you're taking your life down a completely disastrous path." "Mom!" growls Lorelai, interrupting. "Please hear me. If I want your input in my life in any way, shape or form I will ask for it. Until then, do us all a favor and SHUT UP!" There is a moment when the world gasps. Emily's face crumples a bit as she sees Lorelai's anger seemingly for the first time. She leaves the diner. Lorelai is breathless and shocked at what just came out of her mouth. Luke says he's suddenly a big fan of the speed dial. He gives Lorelai's hand a loving pat as Lorelai sits down to regain her footing. I'm surprised this doesn't end the episode. A scene like this one usually does.

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