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Lorelai calls Rory's cell, assuming Rory will have heard an earful about Luke's. But instead Rory had just gotten a call from Kirk, asking if he could crash at her dorm. Lorelai says tells Rory that this Kirk thing is a long story. Rory asks how the date went. Lorelai says it was great; the dress was a hit. She awkwardly asks for a recap of Rory's evening. Rory gloats about how jealous Logan was, and how everything worked really well because now Logan's calling her all the time and doesn't want her seeing anyone else at all: "Complete and total turnaround." ["Not really, if he's still seeing other people." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai says it sounds like all the balls are in Rory's court, and then realizes how dirty that sentence was. Rory asks if she's okay. Lorelies that she's fine.

Michel is on a cell phone with the bolo guy, who wants to know a measurement of something inside the motor home. Michel goes outside to measure, threatening to give the motor home to elastic-waist pants lady instead. Anyway, Michel goes into his motor home only to find Kirk asleep on the bed, still naked, still clutching his Batman blankie. Michel can only muster the strength to roll his eyes. Why didn't these two scenes happen before the confrontation at Luke's?

Six weeks off. Everybody go outside.

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