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Anyway, Michel was asked to be a contestant on The Price Is Right. Sookie and Lorelai are impressed. Michel says he was so stunned. So am I, because I've had friends who made it a mission to get on the show. It's actually quite an ordeal, from what I understand. Michel says he had never considered going on a game show before, but since he was finished with this Bubble Tea, he figured why not? Haaaaa. Sookie then echoes what I just said, because somehow I wrote this scene in the past and just don't remember it, saying that Jackson's cousin had to go through quite the rigmarole to get on the show: getting up at the crack of dawn, standing in line for hours with all the tourists, and then pretending to be a superfan, screaming and squealing, wearing t-shirts that said, "Pick me, Bob!" Michel's caught in his web of lies. Michel says he jumped a little, but didn't wear a t-shirt. Lorelai asks what Nick Lachey's teeth guy would say. Michel: "Make fun if you want, but I walked away the winner of over a hundred thousand dollar [sic] of cash and prizes!" Instead of a "Congratulations!" or "So when's it on?" or "You rock!," Lorelai immediately asks, "Then what's with the cheap gifts?" Sookie complains that the smog globe isn't all that smoggy. Michel gets up and leaves the room, moaning, "Why do I talk to you? Why?" Oh, Michel. I'm so glad they gave you such a funny scene, even if it's only written for the benefit of a single city. Actual conversation going on next to me: "I mean, this morning on my way to Pilates, I saw my car was almost out of gas. I mean, my life is crazy right now!" I am not kidding. Then she goes, "At least you get paid for what you do. I really need to find a way to make some money at what I do." I love this weirdo town. (She says, as she gets paid to watch television and type long Word documents about what she thinks as she watches television...) Lorelai leaves to grab dinner, saying she'll be back after to finish setting up. Sookie settles in with a book based on a show based on a Post-It.

Luke's. Kirk has followed a lady into the restroom in order to get her pink ribbon. Luke can't believe how quickly Lorelai wolfed down her burger. Lorelai says she only has fifteen minutes before she has to be back at the inn. Luke worries that she'll get sick from eating so quickly. Lorelai smiles and says that her sickness will reminder her of him. "It'll be romantic." Kirk notes he gets "romantic nausea" all the time. Lorelai asks to be hit with some boysenberry pie. Luke says they're out. Lorelai is indignant, especially since she mistakenly thinks she told him to save her the last piece of boysenberry pie because she's back to being Luke's girlfriend and when she's Luke's girlfriend the world revolves very tightly around her unpredictable whims and desires. Turns out Lorelai left a message on Luke's cell phone concerning the pie slice. Luke has no idea how to work his voicemail. Lorelai laughs at him and grabs the phone. She tells him the cell phone is powerful, wonderful, and will change his life. Lorelai programs her number into his speed dial. She makes herself number one because she's number one. Perhaps voicemail should be number one. Ah, forget it. Who's going to call Luke other than Lorelai, anyway? She calls herself and says hello. Luke grabs his own cell phone to tell her over the phone, "No cell phones in the diner." Lorelai offers to put the cell phone on vibrate. Luke says her fifteen minutes is up. He hands her a donut for the road and says he'll pick her up at 8 on Sunday. Lorelai says she'll leave him a message letting him know his chances of getting lucky. Hey! Kirk's trying to eat around here. Lorelai asks Kirk how the ribbon collecting is going. "Why do you get him started?" Luke grumps. Kirk says they're near the finish line. Lorelai wants to know who's winning, even though Luke says it's not a contest and doesn't care. He says he knows Lorelai's winning because she's a total Townie who does all the stupid Townie events and has a Townie Kewpie Doll daughter. Kirk tells Lorelai: "You're kicking his ass." Lorelai shouts in triumph and asks for a final tally, because the loser must buy dinner on Sunday.

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