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Emily's. The doorbell rings. Richard practically bolts down the hall, shouting, "They're here!" He tells Emily to hurry. Richard cannot believe the size of the tote bag Rory has brought with her. It contains all of the recent issues of the Yale Daily News, her bylines highlighted. Emily walks up, beaming, waiting to be praised with lavish gushing from Rory for getting Lorelai and Luke back together. But Rory's still pretty short with her grandmother. They head into the living room. Oh, pretty dress, Rory. Emily's newest help asks if she should put the salads out now. Emily scolds Olympia for not reading everything she wrote down for her, including when to serve salads. Rory asks if someone else is coming, other than the three of them, since Lorelai isn't coming. This appears to be news to Richard and Emily. Before Richard can explain the confusion, Emily interrupts to say this is another one of Olympia's mistakes: "Olympia, it was three for dinner, not four." Emily turns back to Rory and Richard. "Well, she's fired," she says. Emily tells Richard to take Rory to the living room so that she can clear that silly fourth place herself.

But Emily doesn't clear the place right away. She stares at the plate, the silverware, and the napkin and thinks to herself, bracing against a chair as we go to commercial. ["I wonder what Luke's dreaming about right now." -- Stac(e)y]

As they walk Rory to the door, Richard and Emily tell Rory how she can reheat her goose leftovers. Rory says goodbye and leaves. Richard says it was a pleasant evening. Emily: "Really? What dinner were you at?" Richard says they weren't sure Lorelai was coming. But Emily says she was sure: "I don't understand it. Why wasn't she here?" Richard suggests that Lorelai had something to do, but Emily doesn't know what that means. Richard tells her, and then Emily says she knows what it means, she just doesn't know what it means: "She got her filthy diner owner back. What is the problem?" I'm guessing Emily is calling the diner filthy and not the owner. Regardless, though, it seems that Richard and Emily's hatred of Luke is getting way out of character. At this point, you'd think they'd be happy Lorelai was interested in somebody at all, never mind the guy who's been more of a dad to Rory than anybody has been her entire life. I'd think they'd like him a lot for that, particularly since Rory loves him, and they love Rory. Richard wonders if it's possible that Luke and Lorelai didn't get back together: "Perhaps it didn't happen. Maybe he didn't understand what you were telling him to do." Emily says she spelled it out for him, speaking slowly, so there's no way he didn't understand. Richard says it's possible Luke didn't do it, since he's not the most "take-charge" kind of guy, adding that he never did follow through on the franchise. (Thank you for revisiting that storyline, writers!) Emily is furious that Luke didn't go to Lorelai after she specifically told him to. Actually, I'm surprised Luke went back to Lorelai at all, seeing as how I'd imagine the last thing he'd ever want to do is something someone told him to do, But he does do anything a woman with the last name of Gilmore orders, so I suppose it's no surprise he asked how high seconds after Emily said "Jump." Emily calls Luke an imbecile. Richard tells Emily she gave it her best shot. He says he's sure Lorelai will come along eventually, and then they won't have to deal with Luke and Lorelai as a couple. He goes to freshen Emily's drink. The woman who made my coffee just shouted at one of her customers, "Lick my nutsack, asshole!" Now that's a filthy diner owner.

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