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ANYWAY. Rory's still wearing her shopping clothes, so I guess on Saturday afternoons she and Logan head to the Yale newspaper room to work on articles. Rory tells Logan she's determined to finish her article before her caffeine buzz wears off, so she's only got another thirty seconds left. Logan sits on Rory's desk and casually asks if he saw her on State Street. Rory interrupts his question to tell him that he did, indeed, see her, and that she saw him. Logan asks if they're still "good." Rory says they are, since they both agreed to "no strings attached." Logan is incredulous and says it's good to hear. Satisfied, he asks if she'd like to get some coffee right now. She asks if he's got a master key to a Starbucks somewhere. Logan says they'll go old school, walking in and paying. Rory stands up and hits her strummy-strummy-la-la screensaver.

It's Golden Time, people! Let the man take his picture! Sookie brings out a roasted chicken and places it on the porch's rail, just in case the photographer doesn't get a chance to come inside and shoot the food. Why does Lorelai look like she's wearing an embroidered baby-burping towel over her shoulder? Michel runs out, yelling into that annoying Nokia remote-control-phone, complaining about how useless Ned the Bellman is. In comes Michel's brand-new Winnebago, with Bellman Ned running alongside, trying to stop the monster machine from approaching the pristine doors of The Dragonfly. I've seen some of the guests of the Dragonfly. I'm positive this isn't the first Winnie to make it over to Cletus's front stoop. Michel tells us that the Winnie is his present, along with many, many boxes of some kind of rice dish that should be inside the vehicle. The driver steps out and tells Michel he's pleased to present this motor home and would love to give Michel a grand tour of his newest second home. I wonder what the taxes are on that kind of thing. Michel is upset. See, he told The Price Is Right that he didn't want that "monstrosity"; he wanted the cash. Totally with you on that one, Michel. Michel whines that the producers would only give him half what the Winnie was worth. Sookie says the same thing happened to Jackson's cousin on the $25,000 Pyramid when he won a washer/dryer, but preferred picking up women at the laundromat. Michel reiterates he wants the cash, but the driver thinks it's best if he explains the leveling jacks to Michel before he leaves this prize. How's the driver going to get home, exactly, now that he's dropped off the Winnie? He hands the keys to Michel, telling him to enjoy his day. "Drop dead and we'll discuss it," Michel says. Ooh, did you kiss Bob Barker with that mouth, Monsieur Gerard?

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