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No Vacancy

Rory's walking through her dark house, listening to "Satellite of Love." She answers a knock at her door. It's CuteDean, because seriously, he's totally not married. She's wearing some weird Juliet outfit for the occasion. She lets him in. CuteDean says that Taylor's a big hip-hop fan, if she's trying to figure out which music to pick. He's in her room and says it looks the same. He asks if it's weird, being back at home after being away for a while. We don't hear Rory's answer because we're all too busy laughing and shouting, "Away where? When?" CuteDean laughs again and says, "So, um. Today." Rory agrees, "Today." CuteDean says it was an interesting day. Rory agrees. CuteDean says he had a feeling that if Tom hadn't come in when he did.... Rory says, "Dean. Lindsay." CuteDean says it's not working with Lindsay: "I can't make it work. I tried." Rory asks if he's sure, since she heard that the first two years of marriage are the hardest. Two? No, it's just the first year, right? It's just the first year, y'all. Pretty sure that's what they say. CuteDean says he's not happy with Lindsay, and she's not happy and he can't make her: "It was a mistake and I know that now." Rory suggests a counselor. CuteDean laughs and says it's over: "We both feel it. I know we both feel it." Rory makes sure CuteDean really thinks that he and Lindsay think it's over. CuteDean says that they tried. Rory says that if it's over, she's sorry: "I'm sorry you're not happy." CuteDean says he'll be happy again, because things happen for a reason. They sort of touch and breathe weirdly as Rory kind of doesn't protest at all and then they kiss. I wonder if they write these episodes around whom Alexis Bledel is actually dating at the time, because wasn't she with Jared when Rory and CuteDean were dating and with Milo when she and Jess were dating? So CuteDean and Rory kiss and kiss and kiss as they fall to the bed and CuteDean climbs on top of Rory and NO! DON'T GO TO COMMERCIAL UNTIL YOU TAKE OFF THE SHIRT. Dammit, it's the whole point of watching The WB!

Luke decides to meet this Digger fellow. He sits down next to Digger in the lobby. They chit-chat about the food. Luke says that Digger's name is familiar. Digger says he's a friend of Lorelai's, and that Lorelai has already mentioned Luke to him. Luke says it's nice to be mentioned. Digger tells Luke that he's dating Lorelai, "going on six months." Luke says he thought they'd broken up. Digger says they hit a rough patch, but that they're working through it: "When it's right, it's right. And Lorelai and I are right." Luke tells Digger he's very happy for him. Digger asks for directions to the bathroom and leaves. Luke thinks for a second, and then gets up to leave as well.

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