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Lorelai finds Luke and says he's the last one up. Luke says he's not the last one up at all. Lorelai asks if he's okay after his butt-kicking from Babette. Luke says he's feeling pretty stupid right now: "I'm not a mysterious man, am I?" Lorelai says that the wardrobe is a bit of a head-scratcher. Luke says he's been very clear with his intentions: "You knew what I was doing." Lorelai says she didn't officially, since he didn't say anything official. Luke says he let his actions speak, as that's what you're supposed to do: "That's the romantic way to do this, dammit." Lorelai says he's right, and apologizes. (Dude, mark that moment in history.) Luke continues, saying that Lorelai went along with all of it, so he assumed that they were on the same page: "And then your boyfriend shows up. Here, at the inn, which I invested in." Luke wouldn't bring up the money right now, would he? If so, watch out, Lorelai. Lorelai says that Digger's not her boyfriend. Luke says that Digger told Luke that he was: "And the whole time I'm thinking to myself, 'What the hell have I been doing this for? She's taken!'"

Luke walks outside the Dragonfly as Lorelai follows him, saying that she's not taken. She says she and Digger broke up. Luke says that Digger doesn't know that. Lorelai tells Luke to calm down. At this point, all of Stars Hollow should be peeking out of their windows, unless those new doors are really well made. Luke says he did everything right and did everything the book said and he thought they were on track and now she's looking at him like he's crazy. Lorelai says she's not. Luke tells her he's never bought flowers for anybody before ever. Lorelai says she loved the flowers. Luke says he thought there was a moment after he walked her home from the wedding. Lorelai says there was a moment. Luke stares at her. "There was a moment," she says again. The guitar strums a bit, prompting us to sit up a little straighter, maybe grab a hand to hold. Luke leans in, and Lorelai leans back, asking him what he's doing. "Will you just stand still?" he asks. They kiss. They stop kissing. Lorelai leans in. Luke leans back, asking her what she's doing. Lorelai asks him to just stand still. They kiss again. As they go to kiss a third time, it's not Digger's pained scream that interrupts them. It is Kirk, naked with a pillow over his crotch, as he runs from the inn in terror. Luke goes to follow him, telling Lorelai he'll explain later.

Lorelai runs into her house, calling Rory's name. She tells Rory that she's missing everything. Lorelai runs upstairs and tells Rory to come back with the CDs before the midgets arrive. Lorelai runs back downstairs, telling Rory that Kirk's running around naked through the square. She's come back to the house to get Band-Aids and a camera. She says that after all this time you'd think she'd remember "Kirk equals camera."

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