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Oh, I guess the Post-It joke does pay off, but not when you'd expect and at a different location entirely. Rory wakes up to find a Post-It that reads "Lunch at Lukes" (who needs an apostrophe when you're in Love?) taped to her forehead. The clock says it's 11:26. She sits up to find herself covered in her own laundry on her bed.

Rory and Lane try to figure out how to play a videogame because girls don't understand videogames because boys are awesome, woo! Rory asks if this is what "teenage boys" are doing instead of watching television. "Seems like a lateral move." First of all, "teenage boys"? Who says that? But secondly: all boys. ALL BOYS. Ask any seven-year-old or Glark. ["Uh, and girls. Glark got us a new GameCube title about a month ago and my sister and I ended up playing it more than he did and soon were kicking his ass at it, even though he is a boy. Crazy world!" -- Wing Chun] Lane asks Rory if she's hungry. Rory says she's starving. But she was supposed to be at Luke's already! Lane lifts up her kitchen floorboard to pull out two containers of Pringles. She tells Rory that the boys will eat anything, including some vanilla almond body lotion she'd bought the other day: "On chips. Mine, by the way."

Rory tells Lane that Jess came by to see her. Lane can't believe Rory has been over for twenty minutes and is only just mentioning that bit of info. Dude, it happened, like, a week ago, probably while you were at a gig, so what else do you expect from your Be Fri? Lane asks Rory to tell her the story, but stops her momentarily to make sure she has a Pringle in hand. (Wonder Killer Notes: The Pringles had already been opened, since the flavor seal was removed.) Rory says her date with the guy Emily set her up with was "James Spader in Pretty in Pink" bad. Lane says she could have stopped at just "James Spader." Rory tells Lane how Jess wanted her to run away with him (leaving out the part about calling CuteDean in the middle of the night and spending all this time with him). She giggles as she tells Lane that she told Jess she didn't know what to do and that it was so weird. She says it was "just Jess," and that he showed up out of the blue with this "crazy proposal." Rory says it was awful. Lane argues that it isn't awful: "How incredibly romantic to have this guy show up out of the blue and want to take you away with him!" Yes, because all women want to be blind-sided, knocked over the head, and then dragged away to wherever some guy is going. ["Plus since when is Lane on Jess's side in anything?" -- Wing Chun] Rory says she thought Jess was going to be perfect, since they shared similar interests, but that he's great one minute and evil the other. ["Pfft. She's half right." -- Wing Chun] She says she could have said yes, packed her bag, and then by the time she got to his car he'd have changed his mind. Continuing their recitation of our Jess thread, Lane counter-points that this is what makes Jess so cute -- his unpredictability. Rory says that this never happened when she was with CuteDean. He always made her feel safe. Lane says that Dean was very dependable. Rory says that he is, was, is, "And he was so nice to me." Lane says that CuteDean really loved her. Rory says she blew it with him. YES. YOU DID. FORTY EPISODES AGO. Rory says she didn't appreciate CuteDean when she had him. Lane comments that every girl has to fall for a bad boy once in her life: "It's the reason so many accountants eventually get married." Rory chuckles and tucks her head in her arm. Awesome scene, three seasons in the making. Thank you for having Rory finally talk about Jess versus Dean.

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