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Back in the diner, Lorelai casually saunters back to her table. "Is everything okay?" Luke asks. Lorelai says, "Yes," and then collapses onto the table, knocking everything over. Hysterical. I watch it four times because it's awesome. It's the sound of the bouncing plastic cup that kills me. Luke leaves to get a broom. "That was a little weird," Rory notes. She then is captivated by what she sees outside Luke's window -- CuteDean. I am captivated by how much he's starting to look homeless, with his pants that don't fit and his hair that's everywhere and the shirt over the other shirt that doesn't match at all. Man. Someone Queer Eye CuteDean on the double. Rory waves; CuteDean ignores. Rory's smile fades.

Friday-night dinner. That means the test run is tomorrow! Lorelai and Rory are trading dinner garnishes because Lorelai thinks the meal is "gross." Lorelai says she doesn't like rabbit. Emily says she's not eating rabbit. Lorelai says it's rabbit sauce. Richard agrees. I wouldn't know I was eating rabbit even if I was sucking on a rabbit smoothie. Unless there was some kind of cottontail garnish. Then I might clue in. Emily says it isn't rabbit sauce. Richard says it tastes like rabbit sauce to him. Emily says it's duck. She asks the maid to clear the plates and bring out dessert, even though everyone hasn't yet finished his or her gross meal. Emily tells Rory she thinks they should go away to Europe together over the summer, just the two of them. She says that Rory should "do Europe right" at some point in her life. Wow. Way to insult everyone at the table with one sentence, Emily. Very impressive. Rory's caught off-guard, Richard's insulted, and Lorelai can't believe Emily just popped this question from out of the blue. Lorelai sees that her father's staring at his hand and asks if he's okay. Richard asks when dessert is arriving, since he has work to do. Emily says that it's coming as quickly as the woman can spoon fruit over ice cream. Richard thinks the woman must have carpal tunnel, or some other "modern disease." Emily suggests that Richard go in there and give the woman a hand. Lorelai tells Richard and Emily that she's having a test run at the inn, and that it would mean a lot to her if the two of them came for the weekend, since she's been working towards this for twenty years, and other than the birth of her daughter, this is the most important thing that has happened to her. She's all, "Unless there's some reason you guys can't come." And before Richard and Emily can protest or tell her that they're separated, Lorelai reiterates how important it is to her that they're there. Lorelai's parents say they wouldn't think of missing it.

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