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On the porch of the Dragonfly, Lorelai reminds everyone that the people arriving aren't their friends, but customers. Three carts from The WB lot pull up and circle the fountain, pretending to be tour carts. Lorelai welcomes everyone. Babette (traveling without Morey) and Miss Patty tell Lorelai that the place looks great. Babette is already impressed with the number of babies that will be conceived on this property. Babette, no spoilers! Miss Patty sees some horses and is off to go look at them. Taylor walks up and complains that the ride up was very dusty, so Lorelai should warn guests not to wear white pants on their arrival. Lorelai calls some bellmen over to carry Taylor's bags. Tom tells Lorelai that the doors are getting loaded in, and that Dean will start putting them up. At the mention of his name, Rory runs off to find him. Lorelai welcomes Kirk and Lulu to the inn. Lulu thanks Lorelai again for the invitation, and walks off to see the horses. Kirk asks Lorelai if Luke's there yet. Lorelai says he's not. Kirk wants to make sure that Luke will be there before he goes to sleep. "It's a guy thing," he explains.

Rory finds CuteDean, who is still trying to ignore her. She asks if they can talk. She tells CuteDean that Jess didn't stay, and that she told him to go. CuteDean says he doesn't care. Rory says she's been calling him and following him around and he won't look her in the eye. CuteDean makes a big to-do, all full of heavy breathing, as he bends in half to be able to look Rory square in the eye. "I have to go," he says. Rory says again she told Jess to leave. CuteDean points out that she also told CuteDean to leave, and that she's always done that -- pushed CuteDean away for Jess, even though Jess is an asshole. Rory says she didn't ask Jess to come, she asked CuteDean to come. She asks why he's so mad. CuteDean says he thought Rory was back with Jess. Rory says she's not, but asks why it matters if she is. Oh, whatever, Rory. You know the answer to that one, evil girl. CuteDean says he doesn't like Jess. "Okay," Rory says. CuteDean says he doesn't want her with Jess. Rory asks if that's because Jess doesn't treat her right. CuteDean agrees. As they start to lean closer and closer together, Rory asks if CuteDean doesn't want Rory to be with someone who doesn't treat her right because they're friends. CuteDean says that's right. "I'm your friend," he says like he's a little nauseated. As he leans in to kiss her, Grumpy Tom interrupts by asking Dean if he's put those doors on yet. Who's the creepy person looking though the window behind Tom in this scene? That's weird. Anyway, CuteDean laughs because he almost kissed Rory. The affair interrupted, CuteDean goes on about his job while Rory tries to figure out what's so important in everyone else's life today that she can't mug down with her married ex-boyfriend in a hallway. Jeez.

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