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This KFC Hipster ad campaign is the stupidest thing. No, wait. The Garfield/Black Eyed Peas commercial is the stupidest thing. Wait. Ugh. I can't believe I just wrote either of those sentences.

Lorelai checks in a complete stranger named Freddy. Miss Patty tells Lorelai that the place is spectacular. Lorelai checks her into Room 1 and asks her to be objective about her stay at the inn. Miss Patty promises to be a pain. Then she flirts with her door holder. Taylor delivers his list of complaints, of which there are already fourteen. He even brought his own comment cards.

Kirk asks Michel to remove the lamp, bookends, books, shoe horns, and sewing kit from his room. He asks if the pictures are bolted to the wall. Michel says he's not ripping the pictures out of Kirk's room. "Well then, apparently you've never been in love," Kirk snaps.

Lorelai checks in a couple both wearing all black. With only twelve rooms, how are there so many strangers sleeping at the Dragonfly? Emily and Richard show up with an amazing amount of luggage. "Look, Rory, there are your grandparents," Lorelai says. "And everything they own." Emily says that Lorelai wasn't specific on attire, so they had to overpack. Richard asks for their key: "I am tired from the drive." Lorelai says it was only a twenty-minute drive. "It felt longer," says Richard. Lorelai tells her parents that they're staying in the nearby bungalow, the Dragonfly's best room. Emily looks concerned that their room isn't connected to the inn, but follows the bellmen. Rory tells her mother she's The Bad Seed. Lorelai quotes a line. Luke arrives, with flowers. He hands them over to Lorelai as a congratulation. Lorelai coos and forgets how to speak English. Luke asks if she's okay. She says she's fine, and then walks headfirst into a passing door. Hee. Lorelai tells Luke to follow the door. Luke asks if she's sure she's okay. Lorelai says it's the third time she's done that today, and it's now the hotel theme: comedy. Luke walks off. Lorelai and Rory stare at each other, trying not to laugh as Lorelai tells Rory she's locked her in before and she'll do it again.

Dinner. Jackson and Rory are sharing a table. They tell Lorelai that everything is going very, very well. Lorelai compliments Jackson's Creedence t-shirt. Jackson says he was shocked that Sookie remembered their anniversary, what with everything going on. Lorelai says that Sookie would never forget her mushroom man. Jackson and Rory say the food is fantastic, and not just because Jackson's sleeping with the chef...and the zucchini. Grumpy Tom cleans up well in a suit. He tells Lorelai he's more of a "suit guy" than anything else. Lorelai tells Rory she's off to make the rounds. She finds Luke between Miss Patty and Babette, who are wearing their complimentary robes at the table. Luke is focused on his plate, since he looked up once and saw Babette's special places when her robe opened up. "His poor little heart couldn't take it," Babette says. Luke's dressed in the clothes Lorelai picked out for him long ago, and is blushing at the teasings of the two loud ladies on either side of him. Lorelai and Luke share a quiet moment when she knows how much she likes him and he knows he likes her and they can't talk about it right now. Lorelai makes this little gasp laugh that makes me think even I'm dating her now. She leaves, running into one of the servers. Kirk leans into Luke and says everything's set up. Luke tells Kirk to stop whispering in his ear.

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