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Red Light On A Wedding Night

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Run, Max! Run!

This club is lame. People are just standing around talking as lights flash around them. It's all very hushed and subdued. It's a drag club, people! Lorelai's walking around talking on her cell phone like she's in my living room. She makes a phone call. A man answers. It's Christopher. She says she's Trixie from the other night. He recognizes her voice and asks why she's calling. She admits that she's at her own bachelorette party. Christopher asks who the lucky guy is. Lorelai says it's Max. Christopher says that Rory mentioned him, but never said it was serious. Lorelai says that it wasn't serious, and that they hooked up and then broke up and then she freaked out so they got back together and then it was suddenly very serious. Lorelai's top matches this hideous sweater I wore for our Christmas theme party called, "Me-Maw's White Trash Xmas." Christopher asks whether Max is worthy. "Is anyone?" Lorelai asks. Christopher mentions Bono and Brian Ferry as possible worthy men, adding, "A young Tom Waits." He asks what Max is like. Lorelai says he's great. "Could you be any more vague?" Christopher asks. Lorelai insists that Max is great. Christopher asks about his CD collection, but Lorelai tells him not to read into the fact that Max has a generic music collection. Christopher asks whether that means a dozen soundtracks, a couple of Beatles, and a Bob Dylan. Lorelai scrunches her face, knowing that he's just described Max's collection. Christopher asks about Alanis Morrisette. Lorelai says that lots of people knee-jerked and bought that first album. I think Wing's right, and that Lorelai's going to end up back with Christopher by the end of the year. I predict a Luke/Christopher fist-fight where Lorelai gets accidentally punched like Shirley did when Carmine fought over her with another man. Christopher asks about Dave Matthews. "A couple of his things are good," Lorelai protests. "Buena Vista Social Club?" Christopher asks. That band sounds to me like I'm waiting in line for a roller coaster at Six Flags. "Enya?" Christopher finishes, and Lorelai says she's coming over there to hit him. Christopher reminds Lorelai that she's at her bachelorette party. He asks why she's calling him. She says that he knows her really well, and that she wanted to tell someone who knows her really well that she's getting married. He congratulates her, saying that if she's found the guy, then he's happy for her. As the saxophone solo of "True" kicks into overdrive, Lorelai asks Christopher whether he can picture her married. He says that, with the right guy, he can imagine her married. She thanks him. He tells her to get back to her party. Lorelai tells Christopher again that Max is a great guy. Christopher says he knows, and that he was just teasing; he asks Lorelai to put Trixie back on. Lorelai says goodbye and hangs up. Christopher smiles into the air, the official signal that a scene is ending on Gilmore Girls.

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