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Red Light On A Wedding Night

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Run, Max! Run!

Back at the party, Lorelai sits down at the table. It is not a-rockin' at this party. Why do all bachelorette parties have to be so lame? Michel's dancing to "Church of the Poisoned Mind," and is quickly joined by other men in drag. Michel dances less enthusiastically.

Sookie asks Lorelai how "[her] guy" is doing. Lorelai acts all caught, and Sookie explains she was asking about Max. Lorelai dances around the answer and sips her drink as we fade to commercial.

You know, I physically cannot watch the low-jean Levi's commercial with the singing belly buttons. I've never seen it. Ever. I have to turn my head. It makes me nauseous. The sound of "I'm Coming Out" makes me queasy.

Sookie's kitchen. Wedding foods. Sookie and Lorelai nurse hangovers with cups of coffee. Lorelai says she knows what an aneurysm feels like before you have it. Sookie says it's like having a baseball the size of a cantaloupe inside your head. Lorelai laughs and tells Sookie she made a good joke, but Sookie wasn't making a joke so Lorelai explains how baseballs are the size of baseballs and not cantaloupes, so Sookie was making a Yogi Berra type of joke and Sookie asks about Yogi Bear. They moan. Michel walks in and announces that he feels like crap on toast. Lorelai asks what happened to him last night when he broke off from the group. Michel says he spent the evening talking to Janet Jackson and Céline Dion, who were "very nice guys." He announces that Max is out in the lobby looking rather perky, and needs to be slapped.

Lorelai walks into the lobby and complains when Max speaks at a normal volume. "Sor-ry," Max sing-songs. I hate him. Lorelai tells Max that he didn't drink enough and isn't hung over enough. Max says he was going to drop off his printer at the house, but that Rory isn't there and he still doesn't have a key to the house. What day is it now? Lorelai apologizes that she still hasn't made him a key. She asks whether he's mad. Max admits that he's a little mad. "They're just keys," Lorelai says. "Try being without them and saying that," Max says. Is that correct grammar? Lorelai says she's lost her keys plenty of times. Max says that he didn't lose these keys, he's just never been given a set. Max says he's trying not to read too much into this, since Lorelai doesn't seem to want him in the house or to have keys. Lorelai says she needs an assistant. Max says that Lorelai needs to think about someone other than herself for a few minutes a day. Word. Lorelai says, "Ouch," and Max says it was too strong. He says he might be a little hung over. He says he'll bring the printer by later. Lorelai tells him to bring it the next day. That's really later, isn't it? She says she'll have the keys, and Max leaves.

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