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Rory's Birthday Parties

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Pudding. Just another reason to hate Bill Cosby.

Lorelai finds Emily in Lorelai's room. Emily is holding a quilt on Rory's bed. Lorelai tells her that she made that quilt out of Rory's old baby clothes. Emily asks about "the characters" downstairs, and how long Lorelai has been dating Mr. Nutrition. Lorelai says that she isn't dating him. Emily says that he clearly likes her, though, since he was looking at her "like [she] was about to give him a lapdance." Lorelai laughs and Emily says she's pleased to know that he likes her. Lorelai says she's laughing and smiling because that's what you do to crazy people to keep them calm. Emily walks around the bedroom and finds a picture on Rory's dresser of Lorelai in crutches with a cast up to her thigh. She says she didn't know that Lorelai ever broke her leg. Lorelai tells a quick story about a yoga class gone bad, and concludes by saying that if she had been really sick she would have let Emily know. Emily starts telling Lorelai that she could get a maid to clean things up. Lorelai says that she likes the house the way it is. Emily wonders how Lorelai finds the bed. Lorelai says it's the thing she crashes into on her way to the closet. As Emily starts to leave, Lorelai tells her it was very nice of her to come tonight and that it means a lot to Rory. Emily says that Rory is her granddaughter and that she should be there. "I totally agree," Lorelai smiles. As Emily turns to go she starts to fix the quilt. "Leave it, Mom," she says quietly. Nice scene that never turned sappy. Gilmore Girls, you've done it again. Give 7th Heaven a call on your way to the wrap party, would you?

Emily finds Grandpa on the couch and says that it's time to go. He's not quite done with his quiz. She thanks Rory for the party. Grandpa agrees. Rory asks "the verdict." " an autumn," he says proudly. Lorelai walks out onto the porch and tells them that the mud wrestling starts in ten minutes and that they shouldn't go yet. Emily says they had a lovely time. Grandpa tells Lorelai to get her chimney inspected and hands Rory another envelope "for Fez." Rory says that he already took care of Fez. "Fez is a very large city," he says, and walks away. Oh. It's so fuzzy in here you feel like you're trapped in a hug. Lorelai and Rory watch them walk away and then announce that it's time for a food fight.

In the car, Emily watches the party from the street and says, "She's right. I don't know my daughter at all." Cue strummy-strummy-la-la music. Emily tells Grandpa they should go to beat the traffic.

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