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Pudding. Just another reason to hate Bill Cosby.

Lorelai and Sookie clean up the party and say that next year it's just going to be the slide at McDonalds. Sookie says the party was a success. They discuss food again. Sookie leaves to check the living room and Lorelai looks out the window.

Oh, Rory is outside with CuteDean. She says he didn't have to get her anything. He apologizes, and says it's the rules. If you turn older, you get a present. Oh, God, y'all. I love me some CuteDean. Rory apologizes about being all sneaky, meeting him in the back yard. She says she hasn't told her mother about him yet, "Not that there's anything to tell." She starts stammering that she doesn't mean that the way it sounds but he knows what she means. He says this is better. She opens the present. It's a bracelet. Oh, God. It's a bracelet he made himself. It's just like a present some boy would make for you with this coin medallion thing where he drilled a hole and shoved some leather rope through it and you'll wear it every single day even when you're in the shower and it'll get all ratty and moldy but you won't care and you'll kiss it and pretend you're kissing him and you'll smell it and convince yourself that it smells like him or you'll find the cologne he wears and you'll spray the hell out of it with the tester from the mall and you have this huge fantasy about the day he cuts it off of your wrist and replaces it with the perfect diamond ring and you're in love forever and I LOVE CUTEDEAN! She says it's amazing and he puts it on her wrist. She stares at him and smiles as he finishes tying the rope and then he holds her hand and smiles at her. She smiles back at him. They smile. I smile. Oh God, y'all. I am only so strong. As Rory lowers her head, we cut to Lorelai staring through the window. Her mouth is open. She turns away, holds her stomach, and realizes just how much older her daughter really is. Oh. The tears. Openly. Weeping. Five friends are currently mocking me. I don't care. I LOVE CUTEDEAN.

And next week, y'all...Oh. I'm not even going to ruin it for you. Bring your diaries, your Kleenex and your favorite stuffed animal. We're gonna get crazy-girly. I might even get my period.

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