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Pudding. Just another reason to hate Bill Cosby.

Chilton. Rory opens her locker as Ryan Phillllipppe leans in and wishes her a happy birthday. She says it's not her birthday. He says that, on Friday, it will be. She asks how he knows that. Choppy sentences. As boring to watch as they are to read here. He pulls out an invitation and begins reading. What he reads isn't on the invitation we're shown. Philllipppe starts with "On Friday..." but the invite says, "On the morning of October eighth at four-o-three in the morning Emily and Richard Gilmore were blessed with a perfect baby granddaughter Lorelai Leigh. Please join us this Friday to celebrate this joyous occasion. Seven o'clock. Black tie optional." Rock on with my pause button skillz. I guess everyone knows where they live. ["Maybe it was on the RSVP card." -- Wing Chun] Rory asks how many people got one of these invitations. Philllipppe guesses that most of the kids in the class probably did. The opening strains to that "Happy Birthday" song from Sixteen Candles starts playing. You know, when Molly Ringwald is taking the sex test? Rory is horrified and walks away. He shouts that he'll see her Friday. As Rory walks down the hall she sees the other kids whispering and staring at her, complaining that their parents are forcing them to go to her party.

The "Happy Birthday" song continues as Lorelai and Emily walk through a department store. You can figure this one out. Emily picks out something stuffy; Lorelai picks out something funky. They debate about what you can do with a purse shaped like a guitar case. Emily wants to get her a double string of pearls and a cashmere sweater set. Or a Mont Blanc pen. Lorelai finds some spiffy day planners and a pencil with a mermaid eraser. Emily decides to give up until Lorelai gives her the pep talk with the battle cry "Pudding." Emily acts like she doesn't know why pudding has any significance. Emily looks around and finds some spirit bracelets. Lorelai says they're perfect. Emily doesn't want to spend just twelve dollars on a gift. Lorelai says Rory will love it. Emily says she'll get it: "Oh! It lights up!" Lorelai gives a strange forced laugh and Emily gives a "wah-wa-waaaah" eye roll as the scene ends awkwardly. Um, hi. Can I have the cashmere sweater set? You know, just since you have that extra cash lying around. Don't listen to Lorelai, by the way. All girls want cashmere. It's soft.

Lorelai walks into the diner and sits down with Mr. Nutrition. He stops making some scrapple to tell her that Rory isn't there yet. Lorelai says he'll have to entertain her: "Okay, Burger Boy. Dance!" "Will you marry me?" he asks. "What?" she gasps. "Just looking for something to shut you up," he mumbles. She invites him to Rory's party, and says she'd like him to come. He says he'll see. Rory walks in and pouts over to her table. "Nice face you got on, there," Lorelai says. Rory says she's used the word "sucks" so much it's lost all meaning. Lorelai pulls out a pile of tulle and shows Rory the party dresses she picked up today. "So, it's a Halloween party?" Rory asks. I think "tulle" must be some sort of catchword to the writing staff, because it's used more often on this show than it is on Martha Stewart Living. Lorelai recaps the mall experience and is quite happy that the two of them got along so well all day long. Rory is so shocked that Lorelai is happy about spending time with Emily that she doesn't mention that she's kinda pissed about Emily inviting all of her nemeses to her party. Mr. Nutrition walks over and brings up the Saturday party again, so that Lorelai and Rory can wax nostalgic about past birthday parties, including Rory's eighth where the cops busted the party and arrested the clown. Lorelai asks what's wrong, and Rory covers it up by saying she got an 'A -' on a test. Lorelai says that an 'A -' "is awesome." Lorelai promises to fix the dresses up to make them funky. "Happy Birthday" plays us into the commercial break.

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